Wednesday, October 27, 2010

faint green wisps of hair

Today I put some blue in my hair. Well it was meant to be blue. It turned out more green - sort of. I just used food dye and shampoo. Who knows how long it'll stay... Not long, most likely.

I always thought that people were fascinating, always. But I hadn't really thought about it for a while. Today, I re-kindled that thought. And it has grown so many branches.
It started when I caught my self day dreaming in class, though I was zoned out - eyes glazed over, I was still sort of focused on these two people out side my classroom, just the way they were acting and their posture. I know that everybody is completely different, although some people like to practice the art of being a sheep, but it's intriguing to watch I guess. To actually notice peoples characteristics, how ever tiny they might be.

I think, next time you're out - in any place with lots of people. Take notice. Even at the plainest looking person. They could be the most interesting, intelligent person you ever saw.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


And thus comes the post where I make a stand for myself and give my posts 'interesting' headings!
I feared the numbers were draining the life out of me. Like when you get really pasty in the middle of winter.
Spring is here and that means daylight savings! (Did I already mention this? Oh well) The hot weather is looming, and i'm as excited as two excited whotsits sitting on a tree.
BBQ's, shorts, swimming at the beach, Christmas, sunbaking and many more things await this coming season. And i'm working up to it like never before. This Summer is being built up so much that there is no hope in hell that it well end up shit. It'll practically be against the laws of nature.
Another exciting thing? Hometown = Saturday = Concert = POWDERFINGER + ME.
It is safe to say that I grew up on Powderfinger, and they're a big part of my life and I love them dearly. So seeing them live on their break up tour will mind fuckingly amazing. The weather is meant to be shit, but ho hum pigs bum - they have big shelter thingys so all is well that ends well. Yeah yeah yeah.
In other news my grounding has reached an all time hight! At the length of the chain running to almost a whole 3 months! Yeah! But At the moment the lead is getting a little looser, and I'm slowly gaining the freedom back I guess. Which is good. Step by step, i'll say. Then I can get my proper social life back! Ahuh ahuh!
I have these two huge ulcers on the inside of my mouth, they're really unpleasant. Curse you braces! But, about a year to go, and then It's no braces for me. Wew! I might have to get this whack jaw surgery though. It's to re align my whole jaw, bring the top one forward. Awkward. I'll be more puffed than when I got my wisdom teeth out. I'll be the puffiest thing you ever darn see!
Sorry if this didn't make sense. But you should be used to it. I tend to type like a mad person like i'm thinking out of my fingertips.