Friday, January 1, 2010


Hello 2010.
The past year has been so much and more. Gosh, compared to 2008 it's been a miracle. When i look back and see how i was at the end of 08' compared to the end of 09', well it makes me so glad that i have changed and found a better awesome group of friends, and how everything has just changed for the best. Wow, deep and meaningfull much? Ahaha. It just, i'm so happy with how this year went, particularly from june on - that was the best. And now, i'm so happy with how happy everything is. Gosh, it's great.
Most of all, i'm so happy with myself and how i've become my own individual. And, i've just become a better person.
God it's fantastic.
I think i've used that line numerous time in the past paragraph or so... It just shows how happy i am - that i can't even put it into words. Well, i obviously can but you know, not very well spoken words.
My new years was awesome, spent it at my aunties in Melbourne with my Sister and Mum, went out for tea where we had the most gorgeous, hot English waiter an i had the best chicken parma. After we ran home in the rain untill we got to her apartment on the 15th floor of a skyscraper and sat on her balcony drinking, talking, dancing and of course watched the amazing display of fireworks. Even better, it was mixed in with mother natures own fire works - thunder and lightning. It was a great night, definatley one i will remember.
Now i'm back home, writing this, with sound of the film King Arthur blaring in the next room. Of course, it's just men screaming and the sound of sword blades crashing together. Oh so civilised.
Back to the normal stuff next post i guess, those old pictures. Ha.
Manana x

oh, happy new year ;)

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