Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I am in such a state at the moment.
And I don't mean this in a way your Mum says it to you when she's 'cross'.
I mean it like... I am so serene right now, like when you are floating in the ocean (or a pool) and it's like you are floating in the air, and it isn't like you are wet.
I love that feeling though. But it's weird. That something that is one big block, sort of. And then you can break it so easily, and it's just so gentle. It's a really happy place to be. At least it is for me. It's my happy place.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve. And I am not excited about it. This years New Years is not going to be significant what so ever. Woe is me.

My Christmas was spectacular! But if you know me or my family, then thats just a given. Right? I want it to come again really really soon!
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. And you had lot's of fun stuffing your face, giving and receiving presents and acting like loons!
Because I know I did!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


My holidays so far have been... Eventful... But then, again. A complete non-event.
Is this even possible? Am I making up something that does not make sense what so ever?
Probably. I do that a lot, don't I?

Some of my days have consisted of hanging around with friends, watching movies eating tea together, playing tennis - all that jazz. The other half has have entirely consisted of me sleeping in till 11am - 1pm and either - getting up, having a shower. Then watching countless movies, or surfing the internet for hours. OR, me getting up, reading Harry Potter, lounging around in my PJ's till 4 when I decide to have a shower. Disgusting, I know. But hey - if I'm not leaving the house!
Which is, at times - better than going out. I can do what ever I want in the confinement of my own abode. Laze about drinking tea all day, listening to music of the likings of Fleet Foxes and Radiohead. It's all good fun, right? RIGHT.
Seriously, I have gone through so many movies lately. Downloaded so much music, and watched way too many YouTube videos. 

In other news we all know that Christmas is coming soon! And who doesn't get excited for Christmas, right? Well, a lot of people actually. Grinch's.
Any how, I am always someone for family fun. Mostly because I think I have the best and coolest family in the whole entire world. True story.
And you know, the presents are always a bonus. I am not going to act like I only look forward to it because of my family. Presents are the best. OH AND THE MONEY! Boxing day sales complete a persons shopping repertoire, right? I accidentally came up with another word for the Boxing Day sales the other day - Boxing Dales. Yeah, I think it's going to take the world by storm.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

for we are young and free

Hey Jess? Why you so damn awesome?
Wouldn't wanna say you're like, duh kewlest kid on dah block.

But praise for Aussie models, they're so great! I like Abbey Lee Kershaw too. Though everyone is meant to 'love the skin they're in, rah rah rah' If I could choose anyone to look like - Jessica Hart would be on the top of my list.

I am in a writing mood today, I really am. I think maybe I just feel the need to catch up on all the days/ posts I've missed.

Maybe if I stick do this some people will start reading. That'd be cool. Maybe I should get more into my life. Shake things up a bit so I have some interesting stuff to write about - you know?

Taper Jean girl, with a motel face.

'Hey, so what're you doing in March next year?' 'Oh, I dunno not much - we'll see. How bout you?' 'Oh, just going to see Kings Of Leon LIVE IN CONCERT!' OH YEAH BABY!
Tickets have been bought, I am going with one of my best friends, we are then staying the night in the city after the concert and we're just going to have an all round time of our lives. You know it!
Life could be a dream, sha-boom, sha-boom.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

She has problems with drinking milk and being school tardy,

Lightning storms a happening!
Seriously, lightning just flashed and I swear I thought I was having some life changing moment or something - or a light bulb moment. But really, just some lightning.
You see what I did there? Painfully lame puns for the win.
So, guess what? Kings of Leon are comin' to town. And I am pretty sure I am meeting them!
And by coming to town I mean my nearest big city, and by meeting them I mean go see them live.
But you know, I do what I can.
So excited, so excited. Hopefully everything goes according to plan.

School is almost over, in fact I finish after this week! I have already started lugging home all my text books and such. I swear, I will be so lob sided by the end of this week from carrying my bag!
I would use a back pack like a normal person... But unfortunately, I have not owned a back pack since grade 6. Oh yeah. One - shoulder bags are up my alley these days!

Christmas is also soon. So a Merry Christmas to you all! But hopefully I am not slack and can say that closer to the actual date. Yeah!

Adios Amigo/Amiga !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No One's Gonna Love You

Summer is a coming. And I am getting myself prepared, I am, I am! Summer playlists being made... Clothes being bought, bikini searching has begun!
And the weather is beginning to get hot hot hot. I love Summer, but I know at some point I will be complaining about how hot it has got, wah wah wah.

Finally got told my subjects for next year. They are as following....
VCE Psychology, Philosophy 1&2, German 1&2, Literature 1st semester and Photography second. And then the basic English and Maths.
I was kind of bummed out that I didn't get Media, because I was really looking forward to that, and it would be good to have for future. But hopefully I can get into it in Year 11.

Soon no school for me though. Bring on the holidays!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Disco Biscuit Love

Remember me? Person who does not make sense a lot of the time? Writes the odd short story? Loves to rant on about nonsense?
Well i'm back!
I wish I had a legitimate reason as to why I have not posted, but sadly - I do not.
Yes, I shamelessly admit I have spent most of my time watching episode after episode of The Office (US). But come on, can you really blame me? IT'S SO LIFE CONSUMING, BUT IT'S GREAT.
I am going to marry Jim Halpert, in a world where it isn't illegal, fictional characters are real, and Pam Beasley - Halpert does not exist. I haven't got my hopes up too high, do I?
Oh, well there is always Dwight...

But, my break means I come back with news!
Mostly revolved around school... To start off with, I came second in a writing competition out of the school, where I won an Mp3 player! Which I have not received yet, though...
Also, I have been offered a spot to write for a local magazine in hand with the local paper! So I get to be part of the editorial team and all as well, it's great! Launch party is tomorrow and I am so so so excited!
Then yesterday I sung at a performance with my friends at school, which was pretty fun. We did Crystalized by The XX. Pretty cool.

And freedom is back in hand for me! So yeah, life has been pretty swell and great!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I got no money but I want you still

I'm thinking I should start a wishlist, but truth is, I don't know where I'd start. And how I would prioritize it all.
Maybe i'll just save all my money.
AH, but the carnival is coming up! You see? I am no good with things like this. I want, and I need. And it goes on for about a week and the kaput. It is all gone. Merde.
So I think, if I made a wishlist it would at least be motivating.
Then, there is saving! Ah, I need to start working my bank balance back up. For travel, university, a car, what not. I just need to save full stop.
Be cooler if I had a job that gave more hours *insert annoyed looking emoticon here*.

I was looking forward to daylight savings so much, and now it is raining, raining I tell you! It's like Winter is having trouble breaking up with Australia. It's jealous of Spring. Greedy Winter. Gosh.

I think, that I might start trying to write in this more often. I should probably finish my English essay first, though...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

faint green wisps of hair

Today I put some blue in my hair. Well it was meant to be blue. It turned out more green - sort of. I just used food dye and shampoo. Who knows how long it'll stay... Not long, most likely.

I always thought that people were fascinating, always. But I hadn't really thought about it for a while. Today, I re-kindled that thought. And it has grown so many branches.
It started when I caught my self day dreaming in class, though I was zoned out - eyes glazed over, I was still sort of focused on these two people out side my classroom, just the way they were acting and their posture. I know that everybody is completely different, although some people like to practice the art of being a sheep, but it's intriguing to watch I guess. To actually notice peoples characteristics, how ever tiny they might be.

I think, next time you're out - in any place with lots of people. Take notice. Even at the plainest looking person. They could be the most interesting, intelligent person you ever saw.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


And thus comes the post where I make a stand for myself and give my posts 'interesting' headings!
I feared the numbers were draining the life out of me. Like when you get really pasty in the middle of winter.
Spring is here and that means daylight savings! (Did I already mention this? Oh well) The hot weather is looming, and i'm as excited as two excited whotsits sitting on a tree.
BBQ's, shorts, swimming at the beach, Christmas, sunbaking and many more things await this coming season. And i'm working up to it like never before. This Summer is being built up so much that there is no hope in hell that it well end up shit. It'll practically be against the laws of nature.
Another exciting thing? Hometown = Saturday = Concert = POWDERFINGER + ME.
It is safe to say that I grew up on Powderfinger, and they're a big part of my life and I love them dearly. So seeing them live on their break up tour will mind fuckingly amazing. The weather is meant to be shit, but ho hum pigs bum - they have big shelter thingys so all is well that ends well. Yeah yeah yeah.
In other news my grounding has reached an all time hight! At the length of the chain running to almost a whole 3 months! Yeah! But At the moment the lead is getting a little looser, and I'm slowly gaining the freedom back I guess. Which is good. Step by step, i'll say. Then I can get my proper social life back! Ahuh ahuh!
I have these two huge ulcers on the inside of my mouth, they're really unpleasant. Curse you braces! But, about a year to go, and then It's no braces for me. Wew! I might have to get this whack jaw surgery though. It's to re align my whole jaw, bring the top one forward. Awkward. I'll be more puffed than when I got my wisdom teeth out. I'll be the puffiest thing you ever darn see!
Sorry if this didn't make sense. But you should be used to it. I tend to type like a mad person like i'm thinking out of my fingertips.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday was filled with friends. Yes, shock horror. I hear your questions now "But Amy, aren't you grounded?" "Was this just another behind the back?" "Are you delusional?"
Okay, so maybe I don't hear them, as this blog is almost one post short of a ghost town. But, as I wouldn't be one to call myself entirely mentally sane, then yes. I am 'hearing your questions'.

Anyway, my Mother so kindly let me go to my bestfriend, Lauren's (the girl in the kitchen picture) house, because our other bestfriend Jordy who is like a brother to us, was coming down from Bendigo. And I guess my Mum was willing to make the acception, seeing as I rarely get to see him these days.

The day was lovely, before we met up with Jordy went ot the park, Lauren and I. I swung on the swings for so long. It has been so overdue since I have last been on a swing. So joyous (is that even a word), but really, that kiddy feeling of the wind blowing in your face? And as you get higher, and higher, if you just look straight up all you can see is sky, and it feels like your flying. It's the simple things that make life great.
We were going to rent Paranormal Entity, but none of us had photo ID. Ah, so sad. These are the days I curse not taking my wallet with me everywhere, and only bringing a sad little hippie pouch full of coins and 5 dollar notes with me. Oh poo.
We just ended up watching some of it on YouTube, like the lusty scoundrals we are.

All in all good day, even though I had to leave sooner than I would of liked. Now today is made for being lazy, and tomorrow hopefully going out for lunch. Saturday a family gathering, where I am taking Justin with me. And then Sunday is my soccer presentation. I think it's a lovely end to the holidays, don't you?
The grounding will be lifted soon, and I shall work my way back to the valley of trust. Ahh... The adventures of Amy and her life.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The sound of her heels against the cold stone floor announced her arrival. Running her perfectly manicured hands through her hair, she turned her head to wink at a man who'd been staring after her.
"Lady" A man in a black suit greeted her nervously, opening the door that stood in her way.
She nodded in recognition, the corners of her chanel red lips up turning to reveal her pristine white teeth. She was stunned as she entered the room, the sunshine burning down on her face from the over head windows. She squinted, but only for a moment - as the sudden squeels of her so called 'friends' interrupted her trance. "Lady! You are here!" "Oh my your shoes! The new line?!" "You look just stunning!" "Please do sit down!" Their words were all mashed together, she knew they were fake. She just let them enter one ear and go straight out the other.
"Hello girls, how are we all?" Her smoothe voice drowning out their high pitched tones. Sitting down, she smoothed over her high waisted skirt, which hugged her skinny but curvy frame, looking up only to give them a reasuring smile.
"Horrible as it goes. Jeremy's firm has taken a huge plunge. Clients leaving, and the news one to come are a sure fire hit and miss. How am I meant to lead the pristine life I live without the substantial finance that is aqquired? Honestly, he needs to get his act together other wise I may have to take matters into my own hands!" The girl accross from Lady - Kristin complained.
"Really, Kristin. I don't know why you even bother with him. You could of married a much more successful man! And it's too early to get out of the marriage right now, you're 23, you've only been married a year!" Nicole was the one who spoke up now, her head slightly craning over everyone elses, her height almost giving her order.
Lady shook her head at the level of shallowness of the women. "I think Jeremy is a fine man. A lovely sense of humour, and his ambition is most admirable. He will pick the firm up in no time. But leaving him for whether his income is 'substantial' or not? Now, Kristin. Don't be like that. You marry a man for his personality and how much you love him. Not for the money and lifestyle he provides you."
They looked at her, struck by her sudden debate. There was a long silence before Kristin giggled. "Don't be daft, Lady. How do you suppose to live if you have not got enough money? How do you suppose to 'love' someone if they cannot provide? Let me go see you marry a poor, common man off of the streets and then you can be the one to produce such a questionable debate. Plus, you aren't even married! Only 22, I have a whole years knowledge over you. And don't you forget that"
Lady smiled, finally some real emotion from Kristin "Oh Kristin, just because you are one whole year older than me does not mean you are wiser. I could bet you the whole of Jeremy's fortune that I have had much more experience than you could even imagine. But that is not the point. I do not need a man to define me. And if I ever to find a man that I think is marritable then I will not do it for his money, I will intend to work too! And I hope the man I find is funny, loving, caring. Whether he be rich or as you say, 'common'. Kristin why don't you get off of your high horse and step into the real world. I wonder what your real personality is? No one could know. Not even your husband, as it is clouded by a wall of fakeness and 'hoity toity-ness'. Good luck ever being able to experience a real relationship of friendship."
Lady stood up, and smiled directly at Kristin "So sorry ladies, but I'm afraid I am going to have do to with out your company from here on. Have a wonderful life, and treat your men well. Because they deserve it" With that, she spun on her heel and walked out, feeling triumphant.

Outside the weather was still, walking down along the beach side, Lady let a laugh escape her. She was so happy, and she wondered why today was the day she had decided to break away from something she had been unhappily apart of for so long.
As she was off in her own world of glee, she didn't notice the boy she was about to run into. "Ooph!" She fell backwards, in a very un-graceful way.
"I am so, sorry! Oh gosh, are you okay? Here, let me help you" A Brittish drawl brought Lady back into conciousness, as she looked at his tan hand, that was stretched out to her, a gesture to aid her. She took it cautiously, and looked up to look into a pair of dark big brown eyes, framed by a mop of messy hair. "I'm sorry, I was completely in my own world. Thankyou"
"Oh no, no, no. It was my fault. I was on my way to the shops. I just got my pay, i'm in desperate need of a good feed"
Lady smiled at this, "How ironic" she mumbled.
"Oh, nothing. Just... Sorry, what was your name?"
"Robbie, Robbie Lane. And yourself?"
Lady faltered here. Was she really going to tell him her name was Lady? He'd be sure set off. "Celia Soteira"
He tilted his head to the side. "What a beautiful name, it seems fitting to your... Higher archy?"
She frowned, "Higher archy? No such thing. I'm the same as you."
"Whatever you say. I'm sure you're wonderful either way" He smiled, his teeth perfectly straight. Naturally straight...
"Look, would you like to go out for lunch? Today I am starting to cleanse my life, and this seems like a more than adequate way to start"
"So I am like an experiment?"
"No! No not at all. Look i'll take you out for lunch, come on" Lady held her hand out to him, smiling her best smile.
He looked down at it, unsure. But then, shrugging Robbie took it. "Any place in particular?"
"I know just the one..."

Thursday, September 16, 2010




Schoooooooooooooooooools out. For. Summer!
Or Spring, and only for two weeks.
But two weeks schmoo weeks. It's roughly 14 days of sleeping in and lounging around. Which sound like a much more lovely way to spend my house arrest that is being grounded.
Then, after the holidays it's only 9 more weeks left of year 9 and the school year left! Closer to year 10 and being able to do what I want with my life. Hell to the yes!
On another note, there are so many nerdy things I like, naming one - Final Fantasy. But HELLO, have you seen the graphics or played that game?! Pretty sure it's heaven on a disk. It's challenging but, fun. And I have always had a soft spot for it.

Also, I entered a writing competition within the school. Did I already mention this? Maybe, I don't know. Another thing I don't know is what the prize is. But hopefully it'll be brilliant. Seriously, it was really rather random. I was sitting in class writing up my Edward Scissorhand questions when my English teacher comes all up in my face and is like "Amy, Amy! There is this writing competition and I think you should enter it. HERE. Take a form!" Thrusting a small piece of paper at me. Oh yeah, and then he mention "Oh yeah. Entrys are due tomorrow. Kay baaaiii!"
It was roughly along the lines of that.
Anyhow, I just submitted a poem, one of the storys I've posted on here. And a story I wrote for English a few weeks back. Heres hoping I succeed!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Oh, merde and double merde.
I was looking forward to doing Art so much next year. But Philosophy one semester got dropped because not enough people wanted to do it. The option for Philosopy 1 & 2 still remained though. And as I really want to do Philosophy, too. I had to drop Art into my back ups.
So, for next year my classes will be as following -
Maths Further
VCE Pyschology
Philosophy 1 & 2

I guess art will just be something I keep to myself at home. And, it's not like I am actually aspiring for a career in it right?
Oh, subject selections. And I thought you were going to be a piece of cake...


Monday, September 6, 2010


I have decided that after the 60th post, I will start writing REAL titles. Instead of cop outs.
So I'd like to let you all know I'm like a spy, working my way on here so I can write a little somethin' somethin'.
Today with school I went to go watch a play at UB. It was a rendition of William Shakespears "Much ado about nothing". Based in outer space, where almost everyone is cloned. That made it really rather confusing. To make matters worse I did noteth understandeth their old school slangeth. Ergh!
There was one man though, he had a ca-razy smile. With waggly eyebrows. He was amazing. I think I might marry him. No shit.

I have proposed the idea to my Mother that I be ungrounded on the 1st of October. Because that is when my partner in crime is un grounded. I think it makes sense, and I did not get a full on yes. But it is quite possible I will be free of these metaphorical shackles then! Huzzah!
I worked another day at the milkbar on Saturday. I am pretty sure I'm almost pro at bagging lollies and using the till now. Look out! It was really fun though, I felt so productive. What a change, huh? Huh?!
Also, I am basically screwed because I stupidly left my Art folder in the Art room at school where I won't be able to get it untill Wednesday. Which is when the homework I am meant to do is due. Herp Derp.
Have a fantabulous night!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Spring is almost here!
Seriously - two days!
I can feel it and boy am I pysched! No more wading about in the cold and wetness of Winter. And with Spring, soon comes daylight savings, then comes Summer!
My oh my, how I love daylight savings, even more Summer and the holidays. Long days with the best friends - yes yes yes.
I know it's not magically going to be great weather as soon as it hits September. But it's on it's way! What is good about the wet wet Winter we've had is that the lake is getting full full full, and though I always loved to go there and chill, it is going to be even more beautiful, with a full lake, green grass. And Spring Fest and the show soon! Hopefully i'll be un grounded by then. Surely enough!
And I'll have a job, and will have my own money to spend at both Spring Fest and The Show, it will be truley ace!
Ahh, so many things to look forward to. The end of the year is coming so fast. And towards this time it all starts to be great. So bad I fucked the start of it up for myself. Oh Amy, you and your naive mistakes.
ALSO, I think I should start adding proper titles to my posts maybe. Make it more interesting? just numbering them seems a little bland. But I do get sick of certain things after a while, hence the new name for the blog. So that might just be what i'm feelin'.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I hate it when people are un happy, I don't like seeing people sad - I can't stand it. I try to help, always. But there is a difference between people who are sad, and people who are just feeling sorry for themselves. The latter, I just do not get. As I rave on about so much in many of my posts, it could be much worse, you could live in poverty, have abusive parents, be sleeping on the street, etc. But people just don't get that.
So what make it worse is that, I am a person that thrives on positive energy. I love a happy environment, because I am energetic and bubbly, spaced out - yes. But I am an all round happy person, and I try not to judge, I try to see the good in all people and i'm nice to everyone, so I like to think. Of course I have my days - everybody does. But back to the point - when people are sad because they're feeling sorry for themselves, I really don't like it. In a different way to me not liking when people are genuinely upset. When people are feeling sorry for them selves - it sends of this negative vibe that puts a dampener on everything. Lately someone has been doing this, and I try so hard to make them happy, to lighten the mood. But this person just refuses. I hate it.
It's like, they're the grey clouds and i'm the sun. They don't go well together.
It's really quite frustrating.
But happiness is meant to be contageous, so I just keep going with my stride, and hope it rubs off on them.

Friday, August 20, 2010


SO, since the last school holidays I thought my camera had you know, shat its self. But the other day I was fishing through the mess that is my top draw, and I came across it. For the heck of it I decided to turn it on - not expecting a response. But what do you know? On it turned and it was fine and dandy! I mean, apart from the ink run crack through the middle of the screen, it's great. So so happy about that! Anywho, here are a few belated pictures from my holiday!


I don't want to jinx myself, but I had somewhat training today. And I earnt my first ever pay!
It's a lovely day for me!
So, I am writing a story for school, and will post it up here soon. Sorry I have been neglecting you, bloggy blog. But I just haven't thought. You know?
Now I am watching Greys Anatomy season one and EVERYONE looks so different! And young. It's lovely. A great way to spend my grounding, so I think.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


'She had problems with drinking milk and being school tardy
She'll loan you her toothbrush
She'll bartend your party'
Sums me up in a way. Though, I don't have that much a problem drinking milk.
Song: Kings of Leon, Milk.


I'm grounded again! Shiiiit.
So you and I are going to become even BETTER friends.
Look out!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Are blogs referable for portfolios?
That would be nice, because then I would already have alot down pat. But, if not. I should probably pick up some pen and parchment!
No, I think I am covered.
Well, no published work in le real world yet, but it will happen. Just have to send in letters and such. To loads of magazines and newspapers and such,
"I can be your hero baby, I can kiss away the pain, I will stand by you forever, you can't take my breath away"
Sorry, intense ad for 'Rescue Special Ops' on TV in the background right now.
Now, where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself?
Oh yes, so I cannot remember whether I told you this, but to get in to RMIT for journalism you need an enter score of 98 or above, so i'm pretty freaked. I know it's a while away to year 12, but still! Anywho, apparently it gets put down for my school though, because we're a rural school or something, so they thing we're dipshits so it gets put down ten or something, that mighten be true, but it's what I heard. Ha, so thats only 88. Which isn't too bad.
But hey, I can do it, regardless!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I dislike violence.
I don't exactly see the point in it, really. I mean - it doesn't solve anything. Obviously.
What got me thinking about this more, is a scenario at school.
Two girls, fighting over a guy or something like that, and they think the only way to solve this problem is by yelling at each other and then clawing at each other like savages, oh! But then of course other people have to jump into. Not to break it up or anything, but to make it into a brawl! It is ridiculous. And in the end did it prove anything? That now they'll be talked about as 'those chicks that got into a cat fight over some dude' for the next week. Did it solve their problem? No, it most certainly did not. Though people still promote it! By everybody asking questions about it, choosing sides etc. It is just encouraging the whole thing.
It isn't just girls though, boys do it just as bad, and even fighting verbally - topping it off with poorly constructed sentences that mostly consist of swear words and lame put downs. It's also bad.
It all starts somewhere - due to someones insecurity or need to 'stay at the top'. I get that sometimes things were meant to be solved by a simple conversation - talk it over, in a civilised way, and then it gets turned up a knotch because people loose their cool. That is un for seen and most of the time people did not expect that, it just happens.
But my real peeve is that it happens in the first place and that people let it happen.
At this moment, i'm not really sure how to conclude this little... Rant? Or am I just rasing and opinion... A debate? I don't really know. But I haven't figured it out properly. Hopefully I will, and then I can articulate my story properly.
But untill then... This is all I really have for you. Just thoughts, from my mind through to my fingertips, then scrolled across a screen. Sometimes they don't have to fit together properly...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Windsor Smith boxer boots.
Italian Made.
Full leather.
Why must you be so untouchable? And why do I have to be the worst person and saving EVER?
Hmm... Maybe when I get a job they can be my first big buy, yeah - sound like a plan?
Okay cool.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I blew our date off. I'm sorry. How will you ever forgive me?! *Sigh*

Today I went to the Mips office at my school to talk about my future and class selections for next year and what not.
It was all going swell, I have figured out what classes i'll do next year and gotten some numbers of places I can enquire within for some writing jobs and etc.
Then I asked enter scores for certain universitys...

RMIT - 98 for Journalism
Melbourne University - 92 (And the journalism course there isn't even very good)
Deakin - 89

I know i'm only in year 9 and I was expecting over the 80's easily... But still! WOW. I seriously felt like I was going to throw up.
But I can do it, I know I can. I just better start practicing!
No more neglecting your blog Amy! NOR your homework!

In other news, I finaly finished season 6 of Greys Anatomy today.
So intense! Like - out of this world intense, I was seriously beyond speechles. Wow, it was just all so unexpected and I was expecting too! It took me by such suprise. My heart was racing just watching it and my oh my was I bawling at certain points!
Those last two episodes have to be the best and most intense pieces of television I have ever watched in my entire life.
I strongly recommend you watch Greys Anatomy! Especially the sixth season. So good!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I love my puppy, I really do!
As I write this, of course he is lying across my lap like the cute thing he is, nawee.

So sorry, but not in the mood to blabber tonight. Tomorrow - it's a date.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Maybe I should stop numbering my posts and actually put a name to it. But then I would probably end up that person that has the really lame titles. The titles that are all just stupid puns.
Yes I am one of those people that love puns. ESPECIALLY when they're unintended.
Erghh, I am having one of those days that no matter what I type, and whether it is wrong or right, it just looks incorrect!
For example, before I was typing people, and it just DID NOT look right, it was so weird. I was like, "What Pe-OPLE? PE-OPLE?"
I think I am going mental. Honestly. I may have to go to crazy home.
Or it could just be my mind telling me I need to sleep...
I am over MySpace. Really. I mean, I love the creative aspect of it, but lately they've been making all these changed and shit. It is so so so beyond annoying! Because now hardly anything works!
Ahh, I am growing up... Getting over MySpace, starting to spend to much time on Facebook, longing for a job and such.
Kids grow up so fast *tear*.
Tomorrow it is my oldest sisters Terri's ( going away party before she goes to Europe on Monday!
The party is at our house of course, and it will be spent with my lovely huge fam-damily and I cannot wait! I love them all muchos and we always have the best times. It's crazy awesome and I really just love it!
Ahh, goodnight lovelies!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I LOVE being sick. Not being able to do anything... Cooped up in side all day, living on fluids and feeling like an old woman. Really, it's great!
Ha ha ha.
Oh boy, I cannot wait to be rid of this sickness. But, I could have it worse. So shut the hell up Amy, okay?
I watched Howls Moving Castle today, my oh my how I love that movie. It was the first time I had watched it in over a year. I don't know why I don't watch it more often. I would love to have a Howl for myself. He is seriously the coolest. What else? Magic. If it was real - man, it'd be awesome.
Haha, I am such a little kid.
So, next week I have 'The big German Day out', where the two year 9 German classes go to Melbourne and dance to German music, eat German food and watch German movies. It's very... German. Ha, so that is going to be fantastic, and I can't wait! Also, the day after that my core class is going to Melbourne AGAIN, to go to the Footscray markets to get stabbed and robbed and what not (sarcasm) but after that we go into the city for lunch, so that shall be swell.
My oldest sister is going away to Europe on Monday, and she is lending me her old video camera and lap top. So with the video camera, I am thinking of starting a youtube channel. Which will be boss, and then hopefully i'll learn how to edit properly and I can document my German day out and the Footscray markets and all!
Also on that Friday my best friends sister is having her deb, so i'm going as well, to keep my best fraan Anna company and dance like loons when the band plays! I haven't got a dress or anything, because it's all last minute planning and stuff, I only found out I was going the other night! But I should be able to scrounge out something different and just whack that on. Mean while i'm going completely health nuts so I don't have shit skin for the night. So it's loooads of water for me!

Next week is actually going to be a really jam packed week, I mean, considering the fact that I am grounded even though that will be my last week of being grounded. Ha, two weeks is hardly anything for being grounded! I guess, that whole two months where I was grounded at the start of the year kind of put me in gear for the rest, two weeks is no sweat, even though it sounds like a while. But blah blah blah, I learnt my lesson. Seriously though? This grounded was sort of pointless, I got told off and thats enough. I only went down the street an hour earlier. But whatever, I don't want to be the little brat to complain!
Ahh, life is sweet sweet sweet. Loving it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Somebody needed to say it.
P.S If you are un able to detect sarcasm then this is me taking the shit out of people. Mmm kaay?
People need to learn how to be them selves, jeez.


I hate it when guys call me babe. I don't really care so much if it's a girl, because in my group of friends it's mostly a jokey thing. But when guys call me 'babe' it makes me want to throw up my intestines. But I mean, really, it's just such a derogatory thing! At least, in my opinion.
And, it just makes me feel like everyone else. Because the guys that call you it, usually say it to every other girl too. That goes for the same as 'baby' or 'sexy'. Errghh.
But, if a boy was to call me 'beautiful'? Well that would be a whole different story, a good one.
So, off that note, I got bangs. They are certainly annoying on some days, but others I love it! Though when I got the cut she chopped heaps of the length of my hair, too. So sad, I think I was about to cry. But hey, hair grows. I'll live. I guess that just teaches me for frying my hair so much!
Sorry for not posting in such a while, I guess i've been kind of distracted. But i'll try and post at least every second day from now on!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Every body should be their own person.
I saw this slogan on a tee once, it read 'Be your self, everybody else is taken'. And it is so true. I get, as people are trying to figure out who they are, they take bits from everybody else a little. I totally get that. But what I DO NOT get is somebody copying the shit out of someone else. It is one of the few things that annoy me in this world.
Every body is unique in their own way, but so many people try to hide it, and take somebody elses unique-ness. It's ridiculous. Especially when they try to deny it.
And they strike again.

Sacre bleu!

Friday, July 9, 2010


When I finish school I am going to take a year off. In that year I will save for living in Melbourne and University, where I will study journalism at hopefully Melbourne Uni or RMIT.
In my gap year, my bez fraans and I will travel Australia in a kombi van. We'll skope out the best festivals and beaches and it will he hell awesome. Then, when we get back at the end of summer, we'll sell the van and split the profit.
I will still live at home, and i'll be saving my mullah but still finding the time to party da-own. If I can afford, mid year I will go to Ethiopia for a month and work in an orphanage. Or well, hopefully I shall go overseas somewhere!
The next year, I'll find a place to live in Melbourne with the best friends and i'll start my 4 year university course on journalism, where i'll do a side course of Spanish. Hells yes.
I'll have a job at some quaint little cafe and i'll party every Saturday at Rats (see on the corner of Kings and Lonsdale street and it will be swell.
Man, I cannot wait to live in Melbourne. It is going to be like, super calla freaking awesome. For sure!
Oh boy, life is good.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hahahaha, this made me laugh.

The lamest thing I will ever write

She brushed her long dark hair behind her ear, and exhaled as she turned around to meet her gaze with him. Him, the boy who so easily plays little games with her heart, and he didn't even know it. It was all rather innocent at first glance, because he doesn't know. But from her perspective it seemed sinister. Like a love story that hasn't figured out which way it is going to end happily yet. What was she to do with all these feelings? Lock them up in an imaginary cupboard? Untill there isn't enough room and it all just explodes out? So many paths and she didn't know the out come of any of them. She had ideas of what could happen, but there were lot's of ideas, that was the problem. It was only some days though, that she'd think like this, some days where she would really ponder the possibilities and then let them all fall on her like a brick wall.
"We'll talk tomorrow, yeah?" He says softly, finishing his sentence with a smile.
"Okay, yeah. Cool. You look good, by the way" She laughs, gesturing to his attire, the corners of her mouth up turning to reveal a huge smile that she had trouble trying to contain.
He chuckles "Thanks, so do you".
Now, he steps forwards and spreads his arms out, gesturing towards a hug. The girl steps forward and puts her arms around his neck, sinking into him for a moment, while he raps his arms around her waist. They stay like this for a moment, content. The boy slowly pulls away, and the two come out of their embrace, both smiling. He exhales "See you". The girl takes a step back, "See you".
He slowly turns away and so does she, as they start to walk their seperate ways. She smiles once more, wrapping her hands around her waist tightly and laughing slightly, before her pace quickens and she fails to wipe the cheesy grin off of her face. Looking back she see's one last glimpse of the boy as he turns the corner. Lifting her head up to the sky, she closes her eyes and visualises the scene that had just happened in her head, she opens her eyes and smiles.
Now she thinks that it's certain, that it will happen one day. Or that the way things are is fine. She doesn't mind having things like this. But she still doesn't have a certain answer. He still hasn't given her an answer. Once again, whether it sooner or later, she will think 'does he even know he has to give an answer?' and it will all start again. The boy does not know it, but the girl is the cat, and he is teasing her with a yarn of wool. All only subconciously. It's all almost twisted.


I just wrote this whole long post about this movie, then I tried to post it and Blogger wouldn't let me because there was something wrong with the video embed...
But anyway! This movie, Nowhere Boy, looks so good! Personally, The Beatles are one of my favourite bands, and when I saw on Facebook a link to the trailer for this movie I litteraly almost died...
No not really. Of course not. I mean, I had an energy drink for the first time today, but that doesn't mean i'm going to go have a heart attack, mmkay?
On track Amy. Anyways, Aaron Johnson (see Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, Kick Ass) play John Lennon, and they couldn't of picked a better person. Well, they probably could of, but I really love the path they've gone with because in my opinion, Aaron is a great actor! And then Thomas Sangster - Owh! He is all grown up now! (see Love Actually, Nanny McPhee) I remember when he was little - and I was little and I had a wee crush on him! Naw, baby love. Ha ha ha.
Any who, this movie looks so awesomely rad. I can't wait to see it! Which will hopefully be soon! Oh how it would be lovely to have a job...
Anyways, if you want click the link and check it out! Blogger was being a bitch and wouldn't let me embed the video in the actual post, so sorry!


Wow, you'll never believe this. Somebody actually reads this. I know, big news, big news. I'd just like to thank my Mum, My two sisters, my dog and my pet rock Prince Angelo Samprus Cereal.
But seriously. Cool.
Today was rather layed back. But not the good kind of layed back. The kind of layed back you look back on and go 'Shit, wow, that was really boring day you had there. Why were you feeling so down and sorry for your self ? La-haaame'. Really, today has been such a sorry sad kit day, but that was just my mood. I'm all good now, because I remembered that there are such great things in the world, and that I really didn't want to be that sorry pathetic person.
The things I did in my day though? Were actually pretty good. I road my bike to a friends up so I could pick up her old phone, then rode around my area a little bit - in the rain, but it was rather refreshing. I came home and watched United States of Tara, then I rode up to the Op-Shop and got myself some clothes. Didn't even try them on. Just browsed quickly and throwed it all over my arm, that was rather sad though, I would've liked to say much longer and find some more bargains, but I had to be home buy a certain time - so I thought.
A good talk to my friend Nic has brightened my mood though! I was going to say day, then I realised it was night. Nerr Amy. Deep and meaningful talks ni-oiicee.
This is not going to be the last post darlings, i'm in the mood to post some nonsense. So get ready!
And plus, I need to make up for the apparent 3 days I haven't blogged for!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Somebody told me that blogs take them away. And at the moment, my blog was their little get away. Their hideaway, a place of salvage.
So It gives me warmth in my heart, that I can provide such a place.
So, in turn. To all the blogs, the videos on youtube and the people that provide my own personal salvage when i'm a little down (which doesn't happen often, but when it does), i'd like to say thankyou. Chances are you won't read this, but the message is out there, and the message, and feeling is true.
So thankyou, because everyone needs a place to loose the negativity out of their mind, and fill it with ideas, inspiration, hilarity or even plain nonsense.
Also, remember,
each and every single one of you are beautiful, meaningful and able to make a good life for your self, and make a change in the world.
Helloo deep blog (:


My friend Justin came over today with all these CD's for me. The Who, Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I've got some listening to do! I love all the bands, so looking forward to it! At the moment i'm listening to 'Sparks' by The Who.
Later on, my cousin Daniel is picking me up and we're going to go crusing. It'll be good!
Tomorrow, i'm going to see Get Him To The Greek with Justin. It's meant to be absolutely hilarious, so I cannot wait!
Life is good, you know it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Back from holiday. It was rather lovely. I met new people, shopped at markets, had numerous trips to the beach, hung out by the pool, rode a quad motorbike through the forest, went snorkeling off of low isles, went sailing on a yacht, went on a speed boat and drove up to Cooktown. It was great!
All though, something had to go wrong, didn't it?
I'd taken all these nice pictures, and then my camera fucks up. Instead of turning on, it chooses to make some abnormal noise. Great, just great. Now I have an old brick mobile and no camera. But it's okay. There are worse things in the world and I am very lucky. I've just been on a great holiday! And cameras and phones are just materialistic wants for me.
So, now I start saving my mullah for a nice new pretty camera. And as for a phone, well that one can wait. I'm not to fussed. All I use it for is texting so it doesn't really matter what it is or how it looks, I am lucky to even have a phone in the first place!
Ahh, Adios beautiful.

Monday, June 21, 2010


"I wear a white dress and now I can eat yoghurt, cup a soup and hazlenuts. If i'm not sick, they'll let me play with the cats. Yeah, it's like... Hazy days, you know?"


'That one's called Sidley and that's Mischa. Isn't Mischa so pretty. Look at Sidley, sliming all over her. Disgusting, isn't he?'

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Bear Grylls is going to adopt me and then we will go on lots of lovely adventures in the wild together, eating frogs and jumping of water falls and what not.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


My favourite networking site?
By far!
Sorry, blogspot - but you lose.
Considering nobody reads this. Ha ha ha.
I want to got to Splendour in the grass! It would be so so sweet. But, tickets are so so expensive.
Buying a kombi soon, when we get enough money, deposit has been put on it thouugh. It has no wheels, nor does it have any interior. Needs a new motor and stuff, but. It will work, soon enough. Hopefully.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hi, my stomach just dropped.
I did nothing wrong, so why are you mad at me?
Jeez, it's rather retarded.
All well.
Things will go back to normal.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Operator Please's new album 'Gloves'.
They put all the songs from it on their Myspace a week or so before the actually realesed the physical copy, and I listened to it over and over. It's a la magnifique!
I can't wait to get it, but...
I need to buy my Mother a Mother's Day present, then I need to get new Heat Protectant hair stuff, then I think I need a new foundation... So maybe in like, 3 weeks? I can get it? I don't want to download it though... (illegaly) because I'd feel bad, i love the band! Ha ha.
But, it's something to look forward to, sooo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yesterday, I saw Iron Man 2.
It was rather shit. Totally not as good as No.1.
I also watched Where The Wild Things Are. --- LOVE!
I cried, admit, admit.
Today, I played soccer.
But stayed back after with one of the bestfriends,
was a goood day.
Bye now,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hola! Senior, Or Seniorita.
My new blog is up and running, and you should go see it. Yes, Yes.
Really. Do it.
So, I finished watching Skins Season 4. I think I finished watching it like, Monday night? I dunno. But anyway, It is just like - wow. Out of this world sad. Man, I was gob smacked. Really, It's insane. And Beyond sad. But I had no idea what was coming. It was so well done. And even though the ending was totally like, not right. As in, it could not end like that, i loved it. Now I can't wait to see whats in store for the 5th series! They're going to be calling it 'the 3rd generation' and it'll be like, totally whack. I can't wait to see who the new people are though.
Hmm, Weather Is getting cold now. Not sure I like it so good. I mean, I love the Sunny days, and day light savings. Oh, wow, how I will miss daylight savings the most.
It get's so dark so soon now, I don't like it.
Boo Hoo,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My lucky number!
New blog up and running, not enough time to post lots of photos though. Will do tomorrow.
Check it out!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Grand Prix, Grand Prix, Grand Prix,


Oh, so I'm un-grounded. In case you'd like to know. I have been ungrounded for over 2 weeks now. And it's been rather sweet.
I have had quite the boss weekend, too. Friday was Futsal, Saturday Justin came over and we went to the soccer, And that night I went to my cousins engagement party. Full of dancing. Sunday was the first game of soccer for my team of the season. And today, I had a day off (public holiday) and Justin came over and we hung out, it was great great great.
I have so much to update. I think I will start another blog, it will be just pictures. No bullshit. And this, will be my personal blog.
Get it?

Friday, March 19, 2010


i'm watching gossip girl, which i have not done in a while. I've kind of been occupied with Skins, being grounded, painting, skins, homework, and skins. 3 more weeks of being grounded and then I am off the hook! Thank god. Honestly, though, it really could come sooner. All well, better than another month being added on. In the mean time, one more week of school and then the holidays.
Wow, cool.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am so broke. It sucks. Like, i have no money. I finally got 20 dollars. Which is alot for me, and i had to by f_cking credit. Gah! I don't even have enough money to go to the op-shop. Which i've just wanted to go in all week. Plus, i'm grounded. Which lightens things. Pfft. Though, apart from those mini factors. I am loving life. As always.
Hmm, I love Jimi Hendrix.
- And The Wind Cries Mary.
Proper song. Well good.
I'm off,

Manana dears x

Monday, February 15, 2010


It love skins, so f_cking much.
It has honestly got to be the best show - ever.
I got series 3 for my birthday, and i have watched it over and over again. Almost forgetting about the first two series. But i couldn't do that, so I've started watching the first series once again.

Favourite characters for the 3rd series?
Emily, Naomi, Freddy, Effy and - oh, shit i love them all. Haha,
but i'm pretty sure Emilys my favourite, i wanna get my hair done like hers.

Manana X

Friday, February 5, 2010


It was my birthday yesterday, yes. I tell the truth. And I'm sure it was the best yet.

Life is pretty f_cking swell.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


oh, hey Tara McPherson! Best artist ever. God, you make beautiful pieces of art. So different to anything alse. Wow.
So, yes. Now you know my obsession for her art. Not to the full extent but yes. Fuck, i love her shit. It's amazing. And i rarely use that word, so that's saying something.
Better yet, i'm getting the same picture shown above for my birthday, hopefully. It's $100 but totally worth it. Mmm yeah.

Friday, January 15, 2010


The o' mighty ten.
Hell yeah oui oui!
I leant my DVD of Skins 3 to a good friend, he's still got episodes to go. Problem is, I miss it terribly i've had a craving to watched there shitted up lives, big time. Ha. On the bright side, he leant me Dexter to watch instead, which is also great. Twisted, yet awesome.
I saw Avatar on Monday. That movie is out of this world - literally. But, it's just amazing. Like, that someone can make that up? And How it looks so real. I was astounded really. It was great. I loved it(:
Oh, Manana x

Sunday, January 3, 2010


what? what?
I'm off to see Sherlock Holmes later today.
Hell. Yes.
This movie looks proper awesome, so i'm looking forward to it loads.
I love Lady Gagas new songs, in fact - i'm obsessed. Such as, Alejandro, Monster & So Happy I Could Die. ALL awesome, a shit load better than her old stuff. And definetly not as repetitive.
Life is good.
Manana x

Saturday, January 2, 2010


love you, man.
today i looked out the window, seeing my new Jimi Hendrix top hanging on the line. I thought 'hey, cool. I'm gonna iron it' i go to get it off the line and i see little splats of something next to the left arm - probably slurpee. But I freaked. I've had it for all of 4 days or so and it has already got a maybe potential stane? Now freaking way. Not aloud. It's my new favourite top. FML. But i guess that's a minor dillemma, considering like you know theres people in poverty and stuff. So, shut up Amy.
manana x


it's summer, and it's shit cold.
Not the way It's meant to be, thanks.
Summer weather should be, well, Sunny! And Hot, and nice!
Despite the cold weather i still choose to wear shorts and a shirt, to keep the Summer spirit up. Even though i'm wearing my Red knit berret... But whatever. Ha.
Normalsy may or may not return tomorrow.
Heck, i don't even know what normalsy is for this blog yet. Only having six posts...
But i'm off to bed, or at least... I have to get off the computer. Communal computer.. Urghh.
Can't wait to get a laptop. Tha-hankyou!
Manana x

Friday, January 1, 2010


Hello 2010.
The past year has been so much and more. Gosh, compared to 2008 it's been a miracle. When i look back and see how i was at the end of 08' compared to the end of 09', well it makes me so glad that i have changed and found a better awesome group of friends, and how everything has just changed for the best. Wow, deep and meaningfull much? Ahaha. It just, i'm so happy with how this year went, particularly from june on - that was the best. And now, i'm so happy with how happy everything is. Gosh, it's great.
Most of all, i'm so happy with myself and how i've become my own individual. And, i've just become a better person.
God it's fantastic.
I think i've used that line numerous time in the past paragraph or so... It just shows how happy i am - that i can't even put it into words. Well, i obviously can but you know, not very well spoken words.
My new years was awesome, spent it at my aunties in Melbourne with my Sister and Mum, went out for tea where we had the most gorgeous, hot English waiter an i had the best chicken parma. After we ran home in the rain untill we got to her apartment on the 15th floor of a skyscraper and sat on her balcony drinking, talking, dancing and of course watched the amazing display of fireworks. Even better, it was mixed in with mother natures own fire works - thunder and lightning. It was a great night, definatley one i will remember.
Now i'm back home, writing this, with sound of the film King Arthur blaring in the next room. Of course, it's just men screaming and the sound of sword blades crashing together. Oh so civilised.
Back to the normal stuff next post i guess, those old pictures. Ha.
Manana x

oh, happy new year ;)