Monday, January 31, 2011

I love you

To compensate for the fact that... Well, I may or may not have been neglecting this blog lately.
Here is a post.
But this seems forced now, doesn't it?
Like saying 'I love you' to someone, just because they asked you to? They don't mean it. Or, well, that shouldn't be the way the recipient wants to hear it.
But once I start typing this isn't forced at all. Because I just start talking about nonsense, and sometimes... Well, it is actually half entertaining. At least I like to think that. And I like to think a lot of things. So I guess I am kind of just digging myself a hole here, and soon I am going to find China.

I have this coupon for a KFC Krusher sitting next to me. It is telling me I am going to save over %50 if I use this to buy a Krusher. Because It will only be $1.95. If I lived a block away from a KFC, I would be getting it right now. But this poor little coupon is probably just going to be stuffed in my wallet like all the others and forgotten about until I finally remember, but the offer will be over by then. Story of my life.

I was so excited because the concert was seriously looming. But now I have to wait nearly a whole year.

Finally saw Easy A. It's a funny movie, I liked it.

Don't kill me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Night time is the right time.

My body clock has been so fucked up lately. And I blame the holidays, because maybe I am just too immature to blame myself. Or maybe, my mind is just spinning words of meaningless shit. Option number 2 seems much more believable, if you ask me.
The school year is looming and I could not be more ecstatic. Seriously. Woo. Is it too hard to detect my sarcasm over the internet? I think so.

Have you heard of this show? It's called Freaks and Geeks. And it's like ohmygodwhat where have you been ALL MY LIFE?! It was before my time, but whatever. Want the box set now.
Oh hey, and guess what? It's my Birthday soon. It's gonna be good. Go water skiing and stuff. It'll be a riot. You know? Ha!

I'd like to live by the beach side, then I would wake up every morning (at a respectable time, mind you) go out to the beach, and do yoga or Thai Chi. Get in touch with my inner Zen. Then i'll be the next Daila Lama. Just wait, you'll see my insightful quotes in "Sayings of the Buddha" soon. Everyone will be following the ways of Amy. It'll be universal.

If I could do any ballet move, I would want it to be that one where they go on their tippy toes, and just spin, and spin, and spin, and spin. You could put me in a jewelery box. OH SO CUTE.

Night lovers.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


My heart goes out to all those people suffering the floods. It's horribly, and scary and I cannot get over how brave people who have lost so much are being so brave. It is amazing. And it is so great to see everybody coming together to help fix this crazy event.
It's really is scary.
I hope that everybody bands together and hopes good Karma for all those great people that unfortunately are having not-great-at-all things happening to them. And also that everybody helps in anyway possible!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I wrote this sometime last year...

All I really want?
Well, there is loads of things I want. But you have to know, that there a differences between wants and needs.
A starving kid in Africa needs food and water, a shelter. They want it also.
But us? We think we need wants, it's all materialistic. And we don't know the difference, there for we don't
realise how selfish we are actually being. We think we need technology, new clothes, the newest music. But we
don't. We just have the resources to provide us with these things. So, who are we to blame? I'm not saying it's
the right thing to label wants as needs. I think we should know the difference. But if we have the money, work
hard for it, and have it in our heads that there are people in much worse conditions, then sure, go ahead and
be materialistic, but you will feel that pang of guilt. Of heart ache. But only if you truly understand. I write
about this, as if I am enlightened about this topic to the extent, but i'm not. I am aware that people every
where are living in poverty. That they have it much worse off than I could imagine, and compared to them - I am
spoilt rotten! But I am still materialistic at times, I still do it all though I am aware. The problem is I
don't truly understand. I think, the only way to truly understand how bad it is, is to actually go through it
yourself, experience that poverty. Only then, will you understand. Only then that it will really put things into
But it's not like we are all going to go out there and throw ourselves out into the streets, right? There must
be some other way. A question that lays remaining. Though what an experiment it would be. Even just for one
month, go to Ethiopia or Ghana to live. Even for a week! Then you will see how bad they have it, how hard they
work. Will you even survive it, too?
Majority of us don't know anything about it. We pretend to, but we don't. It may seem like I am pretending to
know all about it, but I don't. I am just concerned about the issues that we need to arise more publicly. That
area is where I am informed.
The worst part is that even though I write about this like I am trying my best to make a difference, i'm not.
Not as hard as I could be trying. No where near. And there is so many people like this. Another problem.
Everybody talks about change, but nobody ever acts upon it.
When will we be for real?