Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday was filled with friends. Yes, shock horror. I hear your questions now "But Amy, aren't you grounded?" "Was this just another behind the back?" "Are you delusional?"
Okay, so maybe I don't hear them, as this blog is almost one post short of a ghost town. But, as I wouldn't be one to call myself entirely mentally sane, then yes. I am 'hearing your questions'.

Anyway, my Mother so kindly let me go to my bestfriend, Lauren's (the girl in the kitchen picture) house, because our other bestfriend Jordy who is like a brother to us, was coming down from Bendigo. And I guess my Mum was willing to make the acception, seeing as I rarely get to see him these days.

The day was lovely, before we met up with Jordy went ot the park, Lauren and I. I swung on the swings for so long. It has been so overdue since I have last been on a swing. So joyous (is that even a word), but really, that kiddy feeling of the wind blowing in your face? And as you get higher, and higher, if you just look straight up all you can see is sky, and it feels like your flying. It's the simple things that make life great.
We were going to rent Paranormal Entity, but none of us had photo ID. Ah, so sad. These are the days I curse not taking my wallet with me everywhere, and only bringing a sad little hippie pouch full of coins and 5 dollar notes with me. Oh poo.
We just ended up watching some of it on YouTube, like the lusty scoundrals we are.

All in all good day, even though I had to leave sooner than I would of liked. Now today is made for being lazy, and tomorrow hopefully going out for lunch. Saturday a family gathering, where I am taking Justin with me. And then Sunday is my soccer presentation. I think it's a lovely end to the holidays, don't you?
The grounding will be lifted soon, and I shall work my way back to the valley of trust. Ahh... The adventures of Amy and her life.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The sound of her heels against the cold stone floor announced her arrival. Running her perfectly manicured hands through her hair, she turned her head to wink at a man who'd been staring after her.
"Lady" A man in a black suit greeted her nervously, opening the door that stood in her way.
She nodded in recognition, the corners of her chanel red lips up turning to reveal her pristine white teeth. She was stunned as she entered the room, the sunshine burning down on her face from the over head windows. She squinted, but only for a moment - as the sudden squeels of her so called 'friends' interrupted her trance. "Lady! You are here!" "Oh my your shoes! The new line?!" "You look just stunning!" "Please do sit down!" Their words were all mashed together, she knew they were fake. She just let them enter one ear and go straight out the other.
"Hello girls, how are we all?" Her smoothe voice drowning out their high pitched tones. Sitting down, she smoothed over her high waisted skirt, which hugged her skinny but curvy frame, looking up only to give them a reasuring smile.
"Horrible as it goes. Jeremy's firm has taken a huge plunge. Clients leaving, and the news one to come are a sure fire hit and miss. How am I meant to lead the pristine life I live without the substantial finance that is aqquired? Honestly, he needs to get his act together other wise I may have to take matters into my own hands!" The girl accross from Lady - Kristin complained.
"Really, Kristin. I don't know why you even bother with him. You could of married a much more successful man! And it's too early to get out of the marriage right now, you're 23, you've only been married a year!" Nicole was the one who spoke up now, her head slightly craning over everyone elses, her height almost giving her order.
Lady shook her head at the level of shallowness of the women. "I think Jeremy is a fine man. A lovely sense of humour, and his ambition is most admirable. He will pick the firm up in no time. But leaving him for whether his income is 'substantial' or not? Now, Kristin. Don't be like that. You marry a man for his personality and how much you love him. Not for the money and lifestyle he provides you."
They looked at her, struck by her sudden debate. There was a long silence before Kristin giggled. "Don't be daft, Lady. How do you suppose to live if you have not got enough money? How do you suppose to 'love' someone if they cannot provide? Let me go see you marry a poor, common man off of the streets and then you can be the one to produce such a questionable debate. Plus, you aren't even married! Only 22, I have a whole years knowledge over you. And don't you forget that"
Lady smiled, finally some real emotion from Kristin "Oh Kristin, just because you are one whole year older than me does not mean you are wiser. I could bet you the whole of Jeremy's fortune that I have had much more experience than you could even imagine. But that is not the point. I do not need a man to define me. And if I ever to find a man that I think is marritable then I will not do it for his money, I will intend to work too! And I hope the man I find is funny, loving, caring. Whether he be rich or as you say, 'common'. Kristin why don't you get off of your high horse and step into the real world. I wonder what your real personality is? No one could know. Not even your husband, as it is clouded by a wall of fakeness and 'hoity toity-ness'. Good luck ever being able to experience a real relationship of friendship."
Lady stood up, and smiled directly at Kristin "So sorry ladies, but I'm afraid I am going to have do to with out your company from here on. Have a wonderful life, and treat your men well. Because they deserve it" With that, she spun on her heel and walked out, feeling triumphant.

Outside the weather was still, walking down along the beach side, Lady let a laugh escape her. She was so happy, and she wondered why today was the day she had decided to break away from something she had been unhappily apart of for so long.
As she was off in her own world of glee, she didn't notice the boy she was about to run into. "Ooph!" She fell backwards, in a very un-graceful way.
"I am so, sorry! Oh gosh, are you okay? Here, let me help you" A Brittish drawl brought Lady back into conciousness, as she looked at his tan hand, that was stretched out to her, a gesture to aid her. She took it cautiously, and looked up to look into a pair of dark big brown eyes, framed by a mop of messy hair. "I'm sorry, I was completely in my own world. Thankyou"
"Oh no, no, no. It was my fault. I was on my way to the shops. I just got my pay, i'm in desperate need of a good feed"
Lady smiled at this, "How ironic" she mumbled.
"Oh, nothing. Just... Sorry, what was your name?"
"Robbie, Robbie Lane. And yourself?"
Lady faltered here. Was she really going to tell him her name was Lady? He'd be sure set off. "Celia Soteira"
He tilted his head to the side. "What a beautiful name, it seems fitting to your... Higher archy?"
She frowned, "Higher archy? No such thing. I'm the same as you."
"Whatever you say. I'm sure you're wonderful either way" He smiled, his teeth perfectly straight. Naturally straight...
"Look, would you like to go out for lunch? Today I am starting to cleanse my life, and this seems like a more than adequate way to start"
"So I am like an experiment?"
"No! No not at all. Look i'll take you out for lunch, come on" Lady held her hand out to him, smiling her best smile.
He looked down at it, unsure. But then, shrugging Robbie took it. "Any place in particular?"
"I know just the one..."

Thursday, September 16, 2010




Schoooooooooooooooooools out. For. Summer!
Or Spring, and only for two weeks.
But two weeks schmoo weeks. It's roughly 14 days of sleeping in and lounging around. Which sound like a much more lovely way to spend my house arrest that is being grounded.
Then, after the holidays it's only 9 more weeks left of year 9 and the school year left! Closer to year 10 and being able to do what I want with my life. Hell to the yes!
On another note, there are so many nerdy things I like, naming one - Final Fantasy. But HELLO, have you seen the graphics or played that game?! Pretty sure it's heaven on a disk. It's challenging but, fun. And I have always had a soft spot for it.

Also, I entered a writing competition within the school. Did I already mention this? Maybe, I don't know. Another thing I don't know is what the prize is. But hopefully it'll be brilliant. Seriously, it was really rather random. I was sitting in class writing up my Edward Scissorhand questions when my English teacher comes all up in my face and is like "Amy, Amy! There is this writing competition and I think you should enter it. HERE. Take a form!" Thrusting a small piece of paper at me. Oh yeah, and then he mention "Oh yeah. Entrys are due tomorrow. Kay baaaiii!"
It was roughly along the lines of that.
Anyhow, I just submitted a poem, one of the storys I've posted on here. And a story I wrote for English a few weeks back. Heres hoping I succeed!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Oh, merde and double merde.
I was looking forward to doing Art so much next year. But Philosophy one semester got dropped because not enough people wanted to do it. The option for Philosopy 1 & 2 still remained though. And as I really want to do Philosophy, too. I had to drop Art into my back ups.
So, for next year my classes will be as following -
Maths Further
VCE Pyschology
Philosophy 1 & 2

I guess art will just be something I keep to myself at home. And, it's not like I am actually aspiring for a career in it right?
Oh, subject selections. And I thought you were going to be a piece of cake...


Monday, September 6, 2010


I have decided that after the 60th post, I will start writing REAL titles. Instead of cop outs.
So I'd like to let you all know I'm like a spy, working my way on here so I can write a little somethin' somethin'.
Today with school I went to go watch a play at UB. It was a rendition of William Shakespears "Much ado about nothing". Based in outer space, where almost everyone is cloned. That made it really rather confusing. To make matters worse I did noteth understandeth their old school slangeth. Ergh!
There was one man though, he had a ca-razy smile. With waggly eyebrows. He was amazing. I think I might marry him. No shit.

I have proposed the idea to my Mother that I be ungrounded on the 1st of October. Because that is when my partner in crime is un grounded. I think it makes sense, and I did not get a full on yes. But it is quite possible I will be free of these metaphorical shackles then! Huzzah!
I worked another day at the milkbar on Saturday. I am pretty sure I'm almost pro at bagging lollies and using the till now. Look out! It was really fun though, I felt so productive. What a change, huh? Huh?!
Also, I am basically screwed because I stupidly left my Art folder in the Art room at school where I won't be able to get it untill Wednesday. Which is when the homework I am meant to do is due. Herp Derp.
Have a fantabulous night!