Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I love my puppy, I really do!
As I write this, of course he is lying across my lap like the cute thing he is, nawee.

So sorry, but not in the mood to blabber tonight. Tomorrow - it's a date.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Maybe I should stop numbering my posts and actually put a name to it. But then I would probably end up that person that has the really lame titles. The titles that are all just stupid puns.
Yes I am one of those people that love puns. ESPECIALLY when they're unintended.
Erghh, I am having one of those days that no matter what I type, and whether it is wrong or right, it just looks incorrect!
For example, before I was typing people, and it just DID NOT look right, it was so weird. I was like, "What Pe-OPLE? PE-OPLE?"
I think I am going mental. Honestly. I may have to go to crazy home.
Or it could just be my mind telling me I need to sleep...
I am over MySpace. Really. I mean, I love the creative aspect of it, but lately they've been making all these changed and shit. It is so so so beyond annoying! Because now hardly anything works!
Ahh, I am growing up... Getting over MySpace, starting to spend to much time on Facebook, longing for a job and such.
Kids grow up so fast *tear*.
Tomorrow it is my oldest sisters Terri's (www.youtube.com/tezzitoo) going away party before she goes to Europe on Monday!
The party is at our house of course, and it will be spent with my lovely huge fam-damily and I cannot wait! I love them all muchos and we always have the best times. It's crazy awesome and I really just love it!
Ahh, goodnight lovelies!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I LOVE being sick. Not being able to do anything... Cooped up in side all day, living on fluids and feeling like an old woman. Really, it's great!
Ha ha ha.
Oh boy, I cannot wait to be rid of this sickness. But, I could have it worse. So shut the hell up Amy, okay?
I watched Howls Moving Castle today, my oh my how I love that movie. It was the first time I had watched it in over a year. I don't know why I don't watch it more often. I would love to have a Howl for myself. He is seriously the coolest. What else? Magic. If it was real - man, it'd be awesome.
Haha, I am such a little kid.
So, next week I have 'The big German Day out', where the two year 9 German classes go to Melbourne and dance to German music, eat German food and watch German movies. It's very... German. Ha, so that is going to be fantastic, and I can't wait! Also, the day after that my core class is going to Melbourne AGAIN, to go to the Footscray markets to get stabbed and robbed and what not (sarcasm) but after that we go into the city for lunch, so that shall be swell.
My oldest sister is going away to Europe on Monday, and she is lending me her old video camera and lap top. So with the video camera, I am thinking of starting a youtube channel. Which will be boss, and then hopefully i'll learn how to edit properly and I can document my German day out and the Footscray markets and all!
Also on that Friday my best friends sister is having her deb, so i'm going as well, to keep my best fraan Anna company and dance like loons when the band plays! I haven't got a dress or anything, because it's all last minute planning and stuff, I only found out I was going the other night! But I should be able to scrounge out something different and just whack that on. Mean while i'm going completely health nuts so I don't have shit skin for the night. So it's loooads of water for me!

Next week is actually going to be a really jam packed week, I mean, considering the fact that I am grounded even though that will be my last week of being grounded. Ha, two weeks is hardly anything for being grounded! I guess, that whole two months where I was grounded at the start of the year kind of put me in gear for the rest, two weeks is no sweat, even though it sounds like a while. But blah blah blah, I learnt my lesson. Seriously though? This grounded was sort of pointless, I got told off and thats enough. I only went down the street an hour earlier. But whatever, I don't want to be the little brat to complain!
Ahh, life is sweet sweet sweet. Loving it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Somebody needed to say it.
P.S If you are un able to detect sarcasm then this is me taking the shit out of people. Mmm kaay?
People need to learn how to be them selves, jeez.


I hate it when guys call me babe. I don't really care so much if it's a girl, because in my group of friends it's mostly a jokey thing. But when guys call me 'babe' it makes me want to throw up my intestines. But I mean, really, it's just such a derogatory thing! At least, in my opinion.
And, it just makes me feel like everyone else. Because the guys that call you it, usually say it to every other girl too. That goes for the same as 'baby' or 'sexy'. Errghh.
But, if a boy was to call me 'beautiful'? Well that would be a whole different story, a good one.
So, off that note, I got bangs. They are certainly annoying on some days, but others I love it! Though when I got the cut she chopped heaps of the length of my hair, too. So sad, I think I was about to cry. But hey, hair grows. I'll live. I guess that just teaches me for frying my hair so much!
Sorry for not posting in such a while, I guess i've been kind of distracted. But i'll try and post at least every second day from now on!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Every body should be their own person.
I saw this slogan on a tee once, it read 'Be your self, everybody else is taken'. And it is so true. I get, as people are trying to figure out who they are, they take bits from everybody else a little. I totally get that. But what I DO NOT get is somebody copying the shit out of someone else. It is one of the few things that annoy me in this world.
Every body is unique in their own way, but so many people try to hide it, and take somebody elses unique-ness. It's ridiculous. Especially when they try to deny it.
And they strike again.

Sacre bleu!

Friday, July 9, 2010


When I finish school I am going to take a year off. In that year I will save for living in Melbourne and University, where I will study journalism at hopefully Melbourne Uni or RMIT.
In my gap year, my bez fraans and I will travel Australia in a kombi van. We'll skope out the best festivals and beaches and it will he hell awesome. Then, when we get back at the end of summer, we'll sell the van and split the profit.
I will still live at home, and i'll be saving my mullah but still finding the time to party da-own. If I can afford, mid year I will go to Ethiopia for a month and work in an orphanage. Or well, hopefully I shall go overseas somewhere!
The next year, I'll find a place to live in Melbourne with the best friends and i'll start my 4 year university course on journalism, where i'll do a side course of Spanish. Hells yes.
I'll have a job at some quaint little cafe and i'll party every Saturday at Rats (see http://streetparty.tv/ratsindex.htm) on the corner of Kings and Lonsdale street and it will be swell.
Man, I cannot wait to live in Melbourne. It is going to be like, super calla freaking awesome. For sure!
Oh boy, life is good.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hahahaha, this made me laugh.

The lamest thing I will ever write

She brushed her long dark hair behind her ear, and exhaled as she turned around to meet her gaze with him. Him, the boy who so easily plays little games with her heart, and he didn't even know it. It was all rather innocent at first glance, because he doesn't know. But from her perspective it seemed sinister. Like a love story that hasn't figured out which way it is going to end happily yet. What was she to do with all these feelings? Lock them up in an imaginary cupboard? Untill there isn't enough room and it all just explodes out? So many paths and she didn't know the out come of any of them. She had ideas of what could happen, but there were lot's of ideas, that was the problem. It was only some days though, that she'd think like this, some days where she would really ponder the possibilities and then let them all fall on her like a brick wall.
"We'll talk tomorrow, yeah?" He says softly, finishing his sentence with a smile.
"Okay, yeah. Cool. You look good, by the way" She laughs, gesturing to his attire, the corners of her mouth up turning to reveal a huge smile that she had trouble trying to contain.
He chuckles "Thanks, so do you".
Now, he steps forwards and spreads his arms out, gesturing towards a hug. The girl steps forward and puts her arms around his neck, sinking into him for a moment, while he raps his arms around her waist. They stay like this for a moment, content. The boy slowly pulls away, and the two come out of their embrace, both smiling. He exhales "See you". The girl takes a step back, "See you".
He slowly turns away and so does she, as they start to walk their seperate ways. She smiles once more, wrapping her hands around her waist tightly and laughing slightly, before her pace quickens and she fails to wipe the cheesy grin off of her face. Looking back she see's one last glimpse of the boy as he turns the corner. Lifting her head up to the sky, she closes her eyes and visualises the scene that had just happened in her head, she opens her eyes and smiles.
Now she thinks that it's certain, that it will happen one day. Or that the way things are is fine. She doesn't mind having things like this. But she still doesn't have a certain answer. He still hasn't given her an answer. Once again, whether it sooner or later, she will think 'does he even know he has to give an answer?' and it will all start again. The boy does not know it, but the girl is the cat, and he is teasing her with a yarn of wool. All only subconciously. It's all almost twisted.


I just wrote this whole long post about this movie, then I tried to post it and Blogger wouldn't let me because there was something wrong with the video embed...
But anyway! This movie, Nowhere Boy, looks so good! Personally, The Beatles are one of my favourite bands, and when I saw on Facebook a link to the trailer for this movie I litteraly almost died...
No not really. Of course not. I mean, I had an energy drink for the first time today, but that doesn't mean i'm going to go have a heart attack, mmkay?
On track Amy. Anyways, Aaron Johnson (see Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, Kick Ass) play John Lennon, and they couldn't of picked a better person. Well, they probably could of, but I really love the path they've gone with because in my opinion, Aaron is a great actor! And then Thomas Sangster - Owh! He is all grown up now! (see Love Actually, Nanny McPhee) I remember when he was little - and I was little and I had a wee crush on him! Naw, baby love. Ha ha ha.
Any who, this movie looks so awesomely rad. I can't wait to see it! Which will hopefully be soon! Oh how it would be lovely to have a job...
Anyways, if you want click the link and check it out! Blogger was being a bitch and wouldn't let me embed the video in the actual post, so sorry!


Wow, you'll never believe this. Somebody actually reads this. I know, big news, big news. I'd just like to thank my Mum, My two sisters, my dog and my pet rock Prince Angelo Samprus Cereal.
But seriously. Cool.
Today was rather layed back. But not the good kind of layed back. The kind of layed back you look back on and go 'Shit, wow, that was really boring day you had there. Why were you feeling so down and sorry for your self ? La-haaame'. Really, today has been such a sorry sad kit day, but that was just my mood. I'm all good now, because I remembered that there are such great things in the world, and that I really didn't want to be that sorry pathetic person.
The things I did in my day though? Were actually pretty good. I road my bike to a friends up so I could pick up her old phone, then rode around my area a little bit - in the rain, but it was rather refreshing. I came home and watched United States of Tara, then I rode up to the Op-Shop and got myself some clothes. Didn't even try them on. Just browsed quickly and throwed it all over my arm, that was rather sad though, I would've liked to say much longer and find some more bargains, but I had to be home buy a certain time - so I thought.
A good talk to my friend Nic has brightened my mood though! I was going to say day, then I realised it was night. Nerr Amy. Deep and meaningful talks ni-oiicee.
This is not going to be the last post darlings, i'm in the mood to post some nonsense. So get ready!
And plus, I need to make up for the apparent 3 days I haven't blogged for!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Somebody told me that blogs take them away. And at the moment, my blog was their little get away. Their hideaway, a place of salvage.
So It gives me warmth in my heart, that I can provide such a place.
So, in turn. To all the blogs, the videos on youtube and the people that provide my own personal salvage when i'm a little down (which doesn't happen often, but when it does), i'd like to say thankyou. Chances are you won't read this, but the message is out there, and the message, and feeling is true.
So thankyou, because everyone needs a place to loose the negativity out of their mind, and fill it with ideas, inspiration, hilarity or even plain nonsense.
Also, remember,
each and every single one of you are beautiful, meaningful and able to make a good life for your self, and make a change in the world.
Helloo deep blog (:


My friend Justin came over today with all these CD's for me. The Who, Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I've got some listening to do! I love all the bands, so looking forward to it! At the moment i'm listening to 'Sparks' by The Who.
Later on, my cousin Daniel is picking me up and we're going to go crusing. It'll be good!
Tomorrow, i'm going to see Get Him To The Greek with Justin. It's meant to be absolutely hilarious, so I cannot wait!
Life is good, you know it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Back from holiday. It was rather lovely. I met new people, shopped at markets, had numerous trips to the beach, hung out by the pool, rode a quad motorbike through the forest, went snorkeling off of low isles, went sailing on a yacht, went on a speed boat and drove up to Cooktown. It was great!
All though, something had to go wrong, didn't it?
I'd taken all these nice pictures, and then my camera fucks up. Instead of turning on, it chooses to make some abnormal noise. Great, just great. Now I have an old brick mobile and no camera. But it's okay. There are worse things in the world and I am very lucky. I've just been on a great holiday! And cameras and phones are just materialistic wants for me.
So, now I start saving my mullah for a nice new pretty camera. And as for a phone, well that one can wait. I'm not to fussed. All I use it for is texting so it doesn't really matter what it is or how it looks, I am lucky to even have a phone in the first place!
Ahh, Adios beautiful.