Tuesday, October 25, 2011


How do I suddenly have a craving for something that I haven't even tasted before? Something that isn't good for you, something that I am disgusted by, something that isn't attractive what so ever. I don't even know. These are odd times for me.
I think I have a big pot of angst mixed in with spoiled bitch bubbling up inside of me, waiting to explode everywhere. I don't want to do my homework, I'm questioning a career path that I've always been certain of, I loathe school. It's like all my ambition has just burnt out. Basically I just want to drop out of school and live offsome talent I have in me that I haven't yet discover.
Hopefully this will pass otherwise I'll probably fail year 10 and start wearing a backwards cap.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I want lots of things. I want an iPhone, I want to dye my hair red and mix in some blonde. I want Blink 182's new album and I want Cry Baby and Ferris Buellers Day Off. I want some more candles. I want a chalk board wall or maybe a completely white wall. I'm talking #ffffff ladies and gentleman.
I want to go sea kayaking and I want to go to Peru. I want to lay out in the sun all day.. I want to go and get noodlebox and share it with some of my lovely ladies. I want to star gaze at my Grannies and I want Summer to hurry up and be here already. I want to be at White Hall and run up and down the old stair case.

I want things that are so simple and I want things that cost money, that will only bring me brief happiness. Where as the simple ones, will give me memories that will make me smile when I think about them 6 years down the track.
We're all materialistic. I'm super materialistic. I get that. But there is nothing better than the sunshine or the pitch black sky on a cloudless night, with a blanket of stars for you to gaze at for hours.

Disclaimer - Remember when entering this blog don't forget to bring your sack of corny-ness and cliche' otherwise you'll probably die of embarrassment by just reading the things that go on in my head. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've decided I'd like to do more picture posts. My blog is boring enough as it is, I thought a little colour my tickle your fancies. Anyway, if you hadn't already gathered, I'm aching for summer. I can feel it in the air and I know I'll be completely healed by then. It all just sounds too appealing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I never had one of those little cash registers that most little girls do. I remember I would go to my friends house, and she would have this lovely pink and purple one, that even had a speaker so you could joyfully declare a clean up on imaginary isle 5. I wanted one of those so bad. I almost bought one when I was 10. Which seems so young now, but way too old for a fake cash register.
But hey, I found it hard to fully give up playing with Bratz dolls in year 6. Although then I was a complete and utter 'tom boy' so having bratz dolls was sort of secret to most of the people at my new school, although all of my family were well aware. I had 17. And the runway, the cafe, the scooter and the salon. In a way it's still cool. Of course, they weren't as trashy as they are today. But all their little accessories, their tiny earrings and laptops. That's crazy. There is so much detail in that.

In saying that though, I think I'd still be a fan of making your own toys. Although I was always one to jump on the trampoline, and I'd make up a new game every day after school. I'd pretend to be a secret agent that lived a double life, always with an American accent. Sometimes I'd break and sing a song that was in the moment. And I'd even get chalk and draw my room on the trampoline. That was so so great. I'd literally spend hours on that trampoline, and I'd always feel so embarrassed when someone would come out and catch me mid song.
I wasn't a good singer...