Wednesday, October 27, 2010

faint green wisps of hair

Today I put some blue in my hair. Well it was meant to be blue. It turned out more green - sort of. I just used food dye and shampoo. Who knows how long it'll stay... Not long, most likely.

I always thought that people were fascinating, always. But I hadn't really thought about it for a while. Today, I re-kindled that thought. And it has grown so many branches.
It started when I caught my self day dreaming in class, though I was zoned out - eyes glazed over, I was still sort of focused on these two people out side my classroom, just the way they were acting and their posture. I know that everybody is completely different, although some people like to practice the art of being a sheep, but it's intriguing to watch I guess. To actually notice peoples characteristics, how ever tiny they might be.

I think, next time you're out - in any place with lots of people. Take notice. Even at the plainest looking person. They could be the most interesting, intelligent person you ever saw.

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