Monday, November 1, 2010

I got no money but I want you still

I'm thinking I should start a wishlist, but truth is, I don't know where I'd start. And how I would prioritize it all.
Maybe i'll just save all my money.
AH, but the carnival is coming up! You see? I am no good with things like this. I want, and I need. And it goes on for about a week and the kaput. It is all gone. Merde.
So I think, if I made a wishlist it would at least be motivating.
Then, there is saving! Ah, I need to start working my bank balance back up. For travel, university, a car, what not. I just need to save full stop.
Be cooler if I had a job that gave more hours *insert annoyed looking emoticon here*.

I was looking forward to daylight savings so much, and now it is raining, raining I tell you! It's like Winter is having trouble breaking up with Australia. It's jealous of Spring. Greedy Winter. Gosh.

I think, that I might start trying to write in this more often. I should probably finish my English essay first, though...


  1. Teenagers are fond of saving! They save money to buy stuff that they want. Their eager personality makes them wanna save more! Do you have that personality, Amy? Did you really save back then? What did you buy? :D

    Julio Clatterbuck

  2. No no, I was horrible managing my money back then. I spent it mostly on food and movies! Not so good, haha.