Thursday, January 27, 2011

Night time is the right time.

My body clock has been so fucked up lately. And I blame the holidays, because maybe I am just too immature to blame myself. Or maybe, my mind is just spinning words of meaningless shit. Option number 2 seems much more believable, if you ask me.
The school year is looming and I could not be more ecstatic. Seriously. Woo. Is it too hard to detect my sarcasm over the internet? I think so.

Have you heard of this show? It's called Freaks and Geeks. And it's like ohmygodwhat where have you been ALL MY LIFE?! It was before my time, but whatever. Want the box set now.
Oh hey, and guess what? It's my Birthday soon. It's gonna be good. Go water skiing and stuff. It'll be a riot. You know? Ha!

I'd like to live by the beach side, then I would wake up every morning (at a respectable time, mind you) go out to the beach, and do yoga or Thai Chi. Get in touch with my inner Zen. Then i'll be the next Daila Lama. Just wait, you'll see my insightful quotes in "Sayings of the Buddha" soon. Everyone will be following the ways of Amy. It'll be universal.

If I could do any ballet move, I would want it to be that one where they go on their tippy toes, and just spin, and spin, and spin, and spin. You could put me in a jewelery box. OH SO CUTE.

Night lovers.

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