Monday, January 31, 2011

I love you

To compensate for the fact that... Well, I may or may not have been neglecting this blog lately.
Here is a post.
But this seems forced now, doesn't it?
Like saying 'I love you' to someone, just because they asked you to? They don't mean it. Or, well, that shouldn't be the way the recipient wants to hear it.
But once I start typing this isn't forced at all. Because I just start talking about nonsense, and sometimes... Well, it is actually half entertaining. At least I like to think that. And I like to think a lot of things. So I guess I am kind of just digging myself a hole here, and soon I am going to find China.

I have this coupon for a KFC Krusher sitting next to me. It is telling me I am going to save over %50 if I use this to buy a Krusher. Because It will only be $1.95. If I lived a block away from a KFC, I would be getting it right now. But this poor little coupon is probably just going to be stuffed in my wallet like all the others and forgotten about until I finally remember, but the offer will be over by then. Story of my life.

I was so excited because the concert was seriously looming. But now I have to wait nearly a whole year.

Finally saw Easy A. It's a funny movie, I liked it.

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