Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I neglect this blog too much. I feel like I use you, blog. I only ever want to write in this when I want to talk nonsense. I am almost certain that majority of my posts on this have no point, nor do they make any sense what so ever. And they are obviously not interesting, in the sense that nobody seems inclined to read my posts.
But you know what? I'm okay with that. I am not doing this for publicity, I am not writing what I think people would like. Because if I was I would just make this another cliche', wouldn't I? We all know what sells easy. Good old Ke$ha proved that, didn't she? I may hate her music and I don't exactly have a soft spot her. But she knows whats going to get her rich, and I am pretty sure she's aware that her music is nothing compared to the likings of Madonna or Lady Gaga. But she knows it entertains people, and I don't think she cares who her audience is, as long as it sells. I don't even know. I am rambling. How did I even begin to start talking about Ke$ha?

I don't know what to talk about now because I stopped typing. I swear I stop typing for a second and my fingers stop moving (obviously) and all thoughts and ideas just seep out onto the floor beneath me. Creating a big mess of horrible ideas that I will most likely never remember again, because they were not significant what so ever.

Thats my brain. Ladies and gentleman.

Actually probably not.

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