Thursday, May 5, 2011

Untitled - Prologue


The van turned up the long, gravel road. As it made it's way up to the mansion in front. The soft rumble of the engine was like that of the old heater back at her home. It was comforting, and the light streaming through the windows was just like the light that streamed in through her curtains in the early morning. Ariana was safe, she was at home, turning over in her bed, slowly moving her hair from her face. But she couldn't. What was restraining her? Why could she not move her hands? There was something clasped around them, how is this possible? And then it dawned on her.
Ariana's eyes flew open, shocked to see her surroundings, not knowing where she was, or how she got there. She let a scream out, as two, large men, with fangs and giant claws were trying to calm her down, or were they trying to harm her? She kicked, and squirmed, trying to free her wrists from the straps that had tied them to a handle in the back of a van. The men, who seemed to just be huge shadows now - were clawing at her now. Trying to hurt her. Trying to push her down. She screamed and screamed. But no one heard her. No one would ever hear her. Her mind was going blank, apart from the two men that sounded like they were laughing, shrieking, in fact.

Before she knew it, the van had stopped and she was pushed onto the ground. She could smell the sea near, but it didn't seem freeing. It suffocated her. The shadows pushed her through two large, wooden doors. She tried to break free, she did. She tried with all her might. But she was weak. Her bones seemed brittle, and her throat sore from screaming so much. She was pushed into a large white room, with only a bed and toilet. Nothing else. It was painfully bright, the fluorescent lights burning down on her. She couldn't take it. The door was shut behind her, and suddenly the darkness engulfed her. Masked men moving closer and closer to her, their menacing faces smirking at her, as tears ran down her face, and she yelled. Yelled for help, for anyone. They were coming, they were coming for her again, and she couldn't stop it. She was going to die. They were going to get her. And no matter how much she screamed, no body heard her.

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