Saturday, July 30, 2011


I can't be bothered right now. I just want to listen to this song and then I'll go put some real clothes on. I'll put a bit of make up on, do my hair, drink a glass of water, do the dishes, slowly die and then go to work.
It's hard to figure out where my head is at. I don't want this to be some in depth post or anything. That is ridiculous. I'd be totally contradicting myself, right? Because I make fun of cliche's. Do I? I don't know. Now I'm just spilling out any sentences that make their way into my brain full of swirling thoughts. Swirling thoughts that are lucky to make sense on a good day.
Work is only two hours, that's 20 dollars, plus three hours yesterday, that's 50 dollars. Plus the twenty dollars saved from last weeks shift, 70 dollars. This weeks pocket money, 80 dollars. By the end of work experience this week, I'll have 130 dollars. Then work on Saturday, 160 dollars. You know, that is if I don't spend a dime this week. Which is totally unlikely. If I end up with 150 dollars I'll be happy.
I don't know whether I am looking forward to work experience or not. I'm definitely not looking forward to commuting on the bus every day for the next week. Okay, I don't hate the bus ride. But there is only a few things in this world I hate more than the actual wait for the bus.
Okay, why I am I even being so negative? I'm going to be waiting tables and making coffee all week, and if I'm lucky I'll get free Chai Lattes thrown into the deal. Better than school.

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