Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello Pulp Fiction, I've wanted to meet you for so long. I always had this feeling in my stomach that I'd love you when ever I heard anything about you. And, what do you know? My suspicions were true. We've met, and I have this lovely feeling about the connection we have. Yes, you were nothing what I expected to be. But who doesn't love the art of surprise? You've given me two new favourite songs, a hilariously lame joke to pass on, new dance moves, endless quotes to include in my sometimes dull life and pop culture knowledge that I needed to pick up sooner or later.

On a non-prat level - I'M GETTING MY SURGERY SOON! In 23 days or something ridiculous like that. I'm excited and terrified and I hope my face doesn't change too much, or well - I hope it changes for the better. Which is what should happen, I mean there fixing a jaw that is out of line, so putting it where it's meant to be should... Oh god I don't know. Hopefully all turns out well and I don't feel too horrid for too long and having ghastly bruises under my eyes and swelling for months.

A list of things to look forward to -

23 September - School Finishes
27 September - Hopefully go to Melbourne and Ice Skate or Rock Climb + Shop/Eat/Have a generally good time
29 September - Jaw Surgery
17 November - Kings of Leon
Start of December - School is O-V-E-R

Wowowow, when you put it like that it makes it seem like the end of the year is so so close. Which is crazy. That means I'm almost in year 11. And when you're in year 11 you're almost in year 12, and when you're in year 12 you're almost finished school. When you've finished school, well let's not talk about that. If you spend too much time thinking about your future and all the things that are going to happen / you want to do, you'll be dead before any of it will happen.

No, that is completely untrue. I can't even sell my own theory to my self. Sheesh, journalism here I come...

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