Monday, September 6, 2010


I have decided that after the 60th post, I will start writing REAL titles. Instead of cop outs.
So I'd like to let you all know I'm like a spy, working my way on here so I can write a little somethin' somethin'.
Today with school I went to go watch a play at UB. It was a rendition of William Shakespears "Much ado about nothing". Based in outer space, where almost everyone is cloned. That made it really rather confusing. To make matters worse I did noteth understandeth their old school slangeth. Ergh!
There was one man though, he had a ca-razy smile. With waggly eyebrows. He was amazing. I think I might marry him. No shit.

I have proposed the idea to my Mother that I be ungrounded on the 1st of October. Because that is when my partner in crime is un grounded. I think it makes sense, and I did not get a full on yes. But it is quite possible I will be free of these metaphorical shackles then! Huzzah!
I worked another day at the milkbar on Saturday. I am pretty sure I'm almost pro at bagging lollies and using the till now. Look out! It was really fun though, I felt so productive. What a change, huh? Huh?!
Also, I am basically screwed because I stupidly left my Art folder in the Art room at school where I won't be able to get it untill Wednesday. Which is when the homework I am meant to do is due. Herp Derp.
Have a fantabulous night!

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