Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday was filled with friends. Yes, shock horror. I hear your questions now "But Amy, aren't you grounded?" "Was this just another behind the back?" "Are you delusional?"
Okay, so maybe I don't hear them, as this blog is almost one post short of a ghost town. But, as I wouldn't be one to call myself entirely mentally sane, then yes. I am 'hearing your questions'.

Anyway, my Mother so kindly let me go to my bestfriend, Lauren's (the girl in the kitchen picture) house, because our other bestfriend Jordy who is like a brother to us, was coming down from Bendigo. And I guess my Mum was willing to make the acception, seeing as I rarely get to see him these days.

The day was lovely, before we met up with Jordy went ot the park, Lauren and I. I swung on the swings for so long. It has been so overdue since I have last been on a swing. So joyous (is that even a word), but really, that kiddy feeling of the wind blowing in your face? And as you get higher, and higher, if you just look straight up all you can see is sky, and it feels like your flying. It's the simple things that make life great.
We were going to rent Paranormal Entity, but none of us had photo ID. Ah, so sad. These are the days I curse not taking my wallet with me everywhere, and only bringing a sad little hippie pouch full of coins and 5 dollar notes with me. Oh poo.
We just ended up watching some of it on YouTube, like the lusty scoundrals we are.

All in all good day, even though I had to leave sooner than I would of liked. Now today is made for being lazy, and tomorrow hopefully going out for lunch. Saturday a family gathering, where I am taking Justin with me. And then Sunday is my soccer presentation. I think it's a lovely end to the holidays, don't you?
The grounding will be lifted soon, and I shall work my way back to the valley of trust. Ahh... The adventures of Amy and her life.

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