Monday, November 15, 2010

Disco Biscuit Love

Remember me? Person who does not make sense a lot of the time? Writes the odd short story? Loves to rant on about nonsense?
Well i'm back!
I wish I had a legitimate reason as to why I have not posted, but sadly - I do not.
Yes, I shamelessly admit I have spent most of my time watching episode after episode of The Office (US). But come on, can you really blame me? IT'S SO LIFE CONSUMING, BUT IT'S GREAT.
I am going to marry Jim Halpert, in a world where it isn't illegal, fictional characters are real, and Pam Beasley - Halpert does not exist. I haven't got my hopes up too high, do I?
Oh, well there is always Dwight...

But, my break means I come back with news!
Mostly revolved around school... To start off with, I came second in a writing competition out of the school, where I won an Mp3 player! Which I have not received yet, though...
Also, I have been offered a spot to write for a local magazine in hand with the local paper! So I get to be part of the editorial team and all as well, it's great! Launch party is tomorrow and I am so so so excited!
Then yesterday I sung at a performance with my friends at school, which was pretty fun. We did Crystalized by The XX. Pretty cool.

And freedom is back in hand for me! So yeah, life has been pretty swell and great!

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