Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No One's Gonna Love You

Summer is a coming. And I am getting myself prepared, I am, I am! Summer playlists being made... Clothes being bought, bikini searching has begun!
And the weather is beginning to get hot hot hot. I love Summer, but I know at some point I will be complaining about how hot it has got, wah wah wah.

Finally got told my subjects for next year. They are as following....
VCE Psychology, Philosophy 1&2, German 1&2, Literature 1st semester and Photography second. And then the basic English and Maths.
I was kind of bummed out that I didn't get Media, because I was really looking forward to that, and it would be good to have for future. But hopefully I can get into it in Year 11.

Soon no school for me though. Bring on the holidays!

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