Saturday, December 18, 2010


My holidays so far have been... Eventful... But then, again. A complete non-event.
Is this even possible? Am I making up something that does not make sense what so ever?
Probably. I do that a lot, don't I?

Some of my days have consisted of hanging around with friends, watching movies eating tea together, playing tennis - all that jazz. The other half has have entirely consisted of me sleeping in till 11am - 1pm and either - getting up, having a shower. Then watching countless movies, or surfing the internet for hours. OR, me getting up, reading Harry Potter, lounging around in my PJ's till 4 when I decide to have a shower. Disgusting, I know. But hey - if I'm not leaving the house!
Which is, at times - better than going out. I can do what ever I want in the confinement of my own abode. Laze about drinking tea all day, listening to music of the likings of Fleet Foxes and Radiohead. It's all good fun, right? RIGHT.
Seriously, I have gone through so many movies lately. Downloaded so much music, and watched way too many YouTube videos. 

In other news we all know that Christmas is coming soon! And who doesn't get excited for Christmas, right? Well, a lot of people actually. Grinch's.
Any how, I am always someone for family fun. Mostly because I think I have the best and coolest family in the whole entire world. True story.
And you know, the presents are always a bonus. I am not going to act like I only look forward to it because of my family. Presents are the best. OH AND THE MONEY! Boxing day sales complete a persons shopping repertoire, right? I accidentally came up with another word for the Boxing Day sales the other day - Boxing Dales. Yeah, I think it's going to take the world by storm.

Happy Holidays!

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