Sunday, December 5, 2010

She has problems with drinking milk and being school tardy,

Lightning storms a happening!
Seriously, lightning just flashed and I swear I thought I was having some life changing moment or something - or a light bulb moment. But really, just some lightning.
You see what I did there? Painfully lame puns for the win.
So, guess what? Kings of Leon are comin' to town. And I am pretty sure I am meeting them!
And by coming to town I mean my nearest big city, and by meeting them I mean go see them live.
But you know, I do what I can.
So excited, so excited. Hopefully everything goes according to plan.

School is almost over, in fact I finish after this week! I have already started lugging home all my text books and such. I swear, I will be so lob sided by the end of this week from carrying my bag!
I would use a back pack like a normal person... But unfortunately, I have not owned a back pack since grade 6. Oh yeah. One - shoulder bags are up my alley these days!

Christmas is also soon. So a Merry Christmas to you all! But hopefully I am not slack and can say that closer to the actual date. Yeah!

Adios Amigo/Amiga !

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