Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the summer, oh I love her

This title is actually completely irrelevant, considering it isn't even Summer. But I have that song stuck in my head right now (In The Summer - Loon Lake).

The first two weeks of school Holidays have suddenly dawned on us, and Easter is on it's way. I really cannot wait. I love rhymes so much. My life. Seriously. But any how, I can't wait.
It'll be spent sitting around my Grannies kitchen table, eating chocolate, doing the daily quiz, playing various board games and conversing about what ever comes to mind. These times are like the highlights of my life. I could never feel more at home than at those moments. I am so corny right now, but really. I can't even put into words how much I love my family and the times we have, especially at my Grandparents house. It's always so cosy and snug.

In other news - PRISON BREAK.
Holyfuckingjustwow. This show has taken my life away and stowed it in a cupboard to be consumed by the Prison Break monster, and I ain't mad!
I never thought I would fall in love with this show, but even after watching the first episode, it had taken me. The person that made this, must be so smart, to think of the whole plot and all, the characters, the way Michael was going to break out, etc. And it just keeps you going and going and going. Never ever boring.
I am up to the second season now, probably half way through - or almost half way through. And it is still the best. And I can't even explain how much I am in love with Michael Scofield / Wentworth Miller.
If I was to recommend you any TV show to watch at the moment, it would be Prison break. Seriously, do it.

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