Monday, April 18, 2011


Chapter One?

Slowly pushing her fingers through sand, like a snake, slithering through a lonely desert, Ariana made circles around herself, as she looked out into the sea, her chin resting on her sand covered knee.
Deep down she knew that there was no putting off packing the remains of her things. No putting off saying awkward goodbyes to her fellow patients, her doctors, or the cooks. Though she may have come to Allan Coast unwillingly, it had become her home. This prospect, was inevitable, though hard to believe at the start of her stay, even if she wasn't in her right mind at the time.
Running her hands through her long, dark hair, she stood up, taking one last look at her surroundings, the beach, the sea that cast endless hope for her on her darkest days. A single tear fell down her cheek as she remembered all the times this beach had hosted as a salvage for her.
Wiping the tear away, she turned, and began her walk back to the large, Victorian mansion that was spread out in front of her.

"Promise you're going to write? Everyday. Or at least once a week. I reckon I'll go right back to wonderland with out you here. And I spose' your words are the best I can hope for now" A slim girl, with short dirty blonde hair, sprinkles of freckles adorning her pale face, said to Ariana, her British accent strong as ever.
"Of course, Lily. I'd trade places with you any day, you know" Ariana looked into the girls bright blue eyes, a glassy film covering them, giving away the fact that Lily was sadder than she intended her to know. Ariana smiled, "You'll be absolutely fine. You know your stronger than you give yourself credit for. And everybody loves you here, even with out me, or my words - you'll be out of here in no time. But I will write you, I promise"
The two girls looked at each other meaningfully, as if the memories they had shared were flashing between them. Ariana walked over to her and hugged her tightly, "Never forget that you are beautiful, never forget how lovely you really are" she whispered into Lily's ear.
They pulled away from each other and gave one last parting smile. "You better go then. Don't want them to get too fidgety, or there'll be havoc with the matron, and we'll all be holding it against you!" Lily told her, with a fake sense of authority.
They laughed in unison, and Ariana picked up the last of her bags. "I'll be seeing you" She said, and with that, walked out the door, tears stinging at her eyes.

She didn't dare let her gaze stray from the path in front of her. As her goodbyes to everything, and everyone had already been made. And if she had to go, then she just wanted to go, and get it over and done with.
The yellow taxi did not seem welcoming, nor did the taxi driver, though she still gave him a smile, as he packed the last of her things into the boot, and she slipped into the back seat, trying to not to think about what she was forcefully leaving behind, and instead, oh what was ahead of her.

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