Friday, April 15, 2011


Whoa whoa whoa, so before you go getting any ideas, or start picturing me trying to climb into a power socket, just wait a second. This post is not about me exploring the wide world of natures own hard core drugs.

Basically, I am watchig a movie at the moment. This movie, is called Shrooms. It is a horror film, made in 2007 directed by Paddy Breathnauch. And it. Is. Fucked. Up. I am watching it now holey like, I don't even. What is this. It's fucked up, I can't even express.

A group of American students decided to go to Ireland, go camping, get high off of shrooms and have a good ol' trip. One girl, though, has a special Shroom, which makes her have premonitions about all her friends being killed by this serial killer, that is hunting them all down. They all die apart from her. She gets saved, goes to hospital, then has a flash back and it turns out SHE killed all her friends when she was having her first trip. Right? So there IS NO serial killer. (My sister looked up the plot)

Yeah, I can't even. This is stupid, and screwed up. I do not see myself watching the end of this movie. But you guys should totally go and look up the plot summary, that's basically all you really need.

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