Sunday, August 29, 2010


Spring is almost here!
Seriously - two days!
I can feel it and boy am I pysched! No more wading about in the cold and wetness of Winter. And with Spring, soon comes daylight savings, then comes Summer!
My oh my, how I love daylight savings, even more Summer and the holidays. Long days with the best friends - yes yes yes.
I know it's not magically going to be great weather as soon as it hits September. But it's on it's way! What is good about the wet wet Winter we've had is that the lake is getting full full full, and though I always loved to go there and chill, it is going to be even more beautiful, with a full lake, green grass. And Spring Fest and the show soon! Hopefully i'll be un grounded by then. Surely enough!
And I'll have a job, and will have my own money to spend at both Spring Fest and The Show, it will be truley ace!
Ahh, so many things to look forward to. The end of the year is coming so fast. And towards this time it all starts to be great. So bad I fucked the start of it up for myself. Oh Amy, you and your naive mistakes.
ALSO, I think I should start adding proper titles to my posts maybe. Make it more interesting? just numbering them seems a little bland. But I do get sick of certain things after a while, hence the new name for the blog. So that might just be what i'm feelin'.

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