Monday, August 23, 2010


I hate it when people are un happy, I don't like seeing people sad - I can't stand it. I try to help, always. But there is a difference between people who are sad, and people who are just feeling sorry for themselves. The latter, I just do not get. As I rave on about so much in many of my posts, it could be much worse, you could live in poverty, have abusive parents, be sleeping on the street, etc. But people just don't get that.
So what make it worse is that, I am a person that thrives on positive energy. I love a happy environment, because I am energetic and bubbly, spaced out - yes. But I am an all round happy person, and I try not to judge, I try to see the good in all people and i'm nice to everyone, so I like to think. Of course I have my days - everybody does. But back to the point - when people are sad because they're feeling sorry for themselves, I really don't like it. In a different way to me not liking when people are genuinely upset. When people are feeling sorry for them selves - it sends of this negative vibe that puts a dampener on everything. Lately someone has been doing this, and I try so hard to make them happy, to lighten the mood. But this person just refuses. I hate it.
It's like, they're the grey clouds and i'm the sun. They don't go well together.
It's really quite frustrating.
But happiness is meant to be contageous, so I just keep going with my stride, and hope it rubs off on them.

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