Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I dislike violence.
I don't exactly see the point in it, really. I mean - it doesn't solve anything. Obviously.
What got me thinking about this more, is a scenario at school.
Two girls, fighting over a guy or something like that, and they think the only way to solve this problem is by yelling at each other and then clawing at each other like savages, oh! But then of course other people have to jump into. Not to break it up or anything, but to make it into a brawl! It is ridiculous. And in the end did it prove anything? That now they'll be talked about as 'those chicks that got into a cat fight over some dude' for the next week. Did it solve their problem? No, it most certainly did not. Though people still promote it! By everybody asking questions about it, choosing sides etc. It is just encouraging the whole thing.
It isn't just girls though, boys do it just as bad, and even fighting verbally - topping it off with poorly constructed sentences that mostly consist of swear words and lame put downs. It's also bad.
It all starts somewhere - due to someones insecurity or need to 'stay at the top'. I get that sometimes things were meant to be solved by a simple conversation - talk it over, in a civilised way, and then it gets turned up a knotch because people loose their cool. That is un for seen and most of the time people did not expect that, it just happens.
But my real peeve is that it happens in the first place and that people let it happen.
At this moment, i'm not really sure how to conclude this little... Rant? Or am I just rasing and opinion... A debate? I don't really know. But I haven't figured it out properly. Hopefully I will, and then I can articulate my story properly.
But untill then... This is all I really have for you. Just thoughts, from my mind through to my fingertips, then scrolled across a screen. Sometimes they don't have to fit together properly...

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