Friday, July 23, 2010


Maybe I should stop numbering my posts and actually put a name to it. But then I would probably end up that person that has the really lame titles. The titles that are all just stupid puns.
Yes I am one of those people that love puns. ESPECIALLY when they're unintended.
Erghh, I am having one of those days that no matter what I type, and whether it is wrong or right, it just looks incorrect!
For example, before I was typing people, and it just DID NOT look right, it was so weird. I was like, "What Pe-OPLE? PE-OPLE?"
I think I am going mental. Honestly. I may have to go to crazy home.
Or it could just be my mind telling me I need to sleep...
I am over MySpace. Really. I mean, I love the creative aspect of it, but lately they've been making all these changed and shit. It is so so so beyond annoying! Because now hardly anything works!
Ahh, I am growing up... Getting over MySpace, starting to spend to much time on Facebook, longing for a job and such.
Kids grow up so fast *tear*.
Tomorrow it is my oldest sisters Terri's ( going away party before she goes to Europe on Monday!
The party is at our house of course, and it will be spent with my lovely huge fam-damily and I cannot wait! I love them all muchos and we always have the best times. It's crazy awesome and I really just love it!
Ahh, goodnight lovelies!

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