Saturday, July 3, 2010


Back from holiday. It was rather lovely. I met new people, shopped at markets, had numerous trips to the beach, hung out by the pool, rode a quad motorbike through the forest, went snorkeling off of low isles, went sailing on a yacht, went on a speed boat and drove up to Cooktown. It was great!
All though, something had to go wrong, didn't it?
I'd taken all these nice pictures, and then my camera fucks up. Instead of turning on, it chooses to make some abnormal noise. Great, just great. Now I have an old brick mobile and no camera. But it's okay. There are worse things in the world and I am very lucky. I've just been on a great holiday! And cameras and phones are just materialistic wants for me.
So, now I start saving my mullah for a nice new pretty camera. And as for a phone, well that one can wait. I'm not to fussed. All I use it for is texting so it doesn't really matter what it is or how it looks, I am lucky to even have a phone in the first place!
Ahh, Adios beautiful.

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