Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The lamest thing I will ever write

She brushed her long dark hair behind her ear, and exhaled as she turned around to meet her gaze with him. Him, the boy who so easily plays little games with her heart, and he didn't even know it. It was all rather innocent at first glance, because he doesn't know. But from her perspective it seemed sinister. Like a love story that hasn't figured out which way it is going to end happily yet. What was she to do with all these feelings? Lock them up in an imaginary cupboard? Untill there isn't enough room and it all just explodes out? So many paths and she didn't know the out come of any of them. She had ideas of what could happen, but there were lot's of ideas, that was the problem. It was only some days though, that she'd think like this, some days where she would really ponder the possibilities and then let them all fall on her like a brick wall.
"We'll talk tomorrow, yeah?" He says softly, finishing his sentence with a smile.
"Okay, yeah. Cool. You look good, by the way" She laughs, gesturing to his attire, the corners of her mouth up turning to reveal a huge smile that she had trouble trying to contain.
He chuckles "Thanks, so do you".
Now, he steps forwards and spreads his arms out, gesturing towards a hug. The girl steps forward and puts her arms around his neck, sinking into him for a moment, while he raps his arms around her waist. They stay like this for a moment, content. The boy slowly pulls away, and the two come out of their embrace, both smiling. He exhales "See you". The girl takes a step back, "See you".
He slowly turns away and so does she, as they start to walk their seperate ways. She smiles once more, wrapping her hands around her waist tightly and laughing slightly, before her pace quickens and she fails to wipe the cheesy grin off of her face. Looking back she see's one last glimpse of the boy as he turns the corner. Lifting her head up to the sky, she closes her eyes and visualises the scene that had just happened in her head, she opens her eyes and smiles.
Now she thinks that it's certain, that it will happen one day. Or that the way things are is fine. She doesn't mind having things like this. But she still doesn't have a certain answer. He still hasn't given her an answer. Once again, whether it sooner or later, she will think 'does he even know he has to give an answer?' and it will all start again. The boy does not know it, but the girl is the cat, and he is teasing her with a yarn of wool. All only subconciously. It's all almost twisted.


  1. Sounds like twighlight, u can create, but u cant place, u need 2 set it, u need 2 bring it out of the lovy dovy crap, n put some real passoin into, ull b gr8 then :)