Saturday, July 17, 2010


I hate it when guys call me babe. I don't really care so much if it's a girl, because in my group of friends it's mostly a jokey thing. But when guys call me 'babe' it makes me want to throw up my intestines. But I mean, really, it's just such a derogatory thing! At least, in my opinion.
And, it just makes me feel like everyone else. Because the guys that call you it, usually say it to every other girl too. That goes for the same as 'baby' or 'sexy'. Errghh.
But, if a boy was to call me 'beautiful'? Well that would be a whole different story, a good one.
So, off that note, I got bangs. They are certainly annoying on some days, but others I love it! Though when I got the cut she chopped heaps of the length of my hair, too. So sad, I think I was about to cry. But hey, hair grows. I'll live. I guess that just teaches me for frying my hair so much!
Sorry for not posting in such a while, I guess i've been kind of distracted. But i'll try and post at least every second day from now on!


  1. .....whats rong with 'babe', its a word, only dipshits use it lots

  2. There is nothing wrong with the word it's self. It is in the way people use it.