Friday, July 9, 2010


When I finish school I am going to take a year off. In that year I will save for living in Melbourne and University, where I will study journalism at hopefully Melbourne Uni or RMIT.
In my gap year, my bez fraans and I will travel Australia in a kombi van. We'll skope out the best festivals and beaches and it will he hell awesome. Then, when we get back at the end of summer, we'll sell the van and split the profit.
I will still live at home, and i'll be saving my mullah but still finding the time to party da-own. If I can afford, mid year I will go to Ethiopia for a month and work in an orphanage. Or well, hopefully I shall go overseas somewhere!
The next year, I'll find a place to live in Melbourne with the best friends and i'll start my 4 year university course on journalism, where i'll do a side course of Spanish. Hells yes.
I'll have a job at some quaint little cafe and i'll party every Saturday at Rats (see on the corner of Kings and Lonsdale street and it will be swell.
Man, I cannot wait to live in Melbourne. It is going to be like, super calla freaking awesome. For sure!
Oh boy, life is good.

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