Monday, July 19, 2010


I LOVE being sick. Not being able to do anything... Cooped up in side all day, living on fluids and feeling like an old woman. Really, it's great!
Ha ha ha.
Oh boy, I cannot wait to be rid of this sickness. But, I could have it worse. So shut the hell up Amy, okay?
I watched Howls Moving Castle today, my oh my how I love that movie. It was the first time I had watched it in over a year. I don't know why I don't watch it more often. I would love to have a Howl for myself. He is seriously the coolest. What else? Magic. If it was real - man, it'd be awesome.
Haha, I am such a little kid.
So, next week I have 'The big German Day out', where the two year 9 German classes go to Melbourne and dance to German music, eat German food and watch German movies. It's very... German. Ha, so that is going to be fantastic, and I can't wait! Also, the day after that my core class is going to Melbourne AGAIN, to go to the Footscray markets to get stabbed and robbed and what not (sarcasm) but after that we go into the city for lunch, so that shall be swell.
My oldest sister is going away to Europe on Monday, and she is lending me her old video camera and lap top. So with the video camera, I am thinking of starting a youtube channel. Which will be boss, and then hopefully i'll learn how to edit properly and I can document my German day out and the Footscray markets and all!
Also on that Friday my best friends sister is having her deb, so i'm going as well, to keep my best fraan Anna company and dance like loons when the band plays! I haven't got a dress or anything, because it's all last minute planning and stuff, I only found out I was going the other night! But I should be able to scrounge out something different and just whack that on. Mean while i'm going completely health nuts so I don't have shit skin for the night. So it's loooads of water for me!

Next week is actually going to be a really jam packed week, I mean, considering the fact that I am grounded even though that will be my last week of being grounded. Ha, two weeks is hardly anything for being grounded! I guess, that whole two months where I was grounded at the start of the year kind of put me in gear for the rest, two weeks is no sweat, even though it sounds like a while. But blah blah blah, I learnt my lesson. Seriously though? This grounded was sort of pointless, I got told off and thats enough. I only went down the street an hour earlier. But whatever, I don't want to be the little brat to complain!
Ahh, life is sweet sweet sweet. Loving it!

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